Manassas Walking Tour

Visit to Manassas Battlefield

After lunch, the tour group moved to the Manassas Battlefield. The battlefield tour center, which has guided tours on the battlefield and a video that explains the events and army movements during the battles. The Higdons toured the battlefield, walking the same ground where the two armies fought. Stone House and the Brawner Farm were part of the walking tour. After the walking tour, everyone went into the Theater to watch the movie about the 2 battles. Actually, it sounds like 4 battles as the South called the Battles, the 1st Manassas and the 2nd Manassas Battles, while the North called the Battles, the 1st Bull Run and the 2nd Bull Run Battles. The North names their battles after rivers and the South names their battles after towns. During the 1st Manassas (Bull Run) both sides thought the battle would be over in minutes and their particular side would win. People came from Washington D.C, in their buggies and on horseback to have picnics on the hill overlooking the battle, and had to pick up and run when the battles became very active.

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