Side Trips - Chuck & Kathie, Frank & Nell


Each year, whether you drive all the way to the HFA Annual Meeting site, or fly in and rent an automobile, your trip to the Annual Meeting can be extended before the meeting starts, and there is unscheduled time early on the first day of the meeting, and between the morning business meeting and the evening banquet, and your trip can be extended after the last day of scheduled time. In this ‘extra time’ many members do go on ’side trips,’ to see local points of interest that were not included in the meeting’s second day of scheduled tours. Invariably these ’side trips’ end up being as enjoyable, in a different way, as the HFA Annual Meeting, itself.

For the Alexandria, VA, 2017 HFA Annual Meeting, we have accounts of two couple’s ’side trips’ both taken in the morning of the first day of the Annual Meeting.

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