Historic St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s County, Maryland


CAMBRIDGE, MD — The Richardson Maritime Museum is honored to host the Maryland Dove on her visit to Cambridge in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the launch. In name and size, the Maryland Dove commemorates the Dove of 1634, which accompanied Lord Baltimore’s original expedition to Maryland. 

     The Maryland Dove, whose home port is Historic St. Mary’s City, represents a 40 ton coastal trading vessel of the mid-17th century. Many of these vessels accompanied the fleets of the early explorers and colonists to provide local transportation and trade. Nothing better illustrates the dangers and hardships facing the early settlers than seeing the small, square rigged ships which helped bring them to the edge of the new World.

     The Maryland Dove, a full scale representation of one of these vessels, looks remarkably tiny and primitive to modern eyes. Yet, these vessels routinely challenged the Atlantic Ocean and the bays, rivers and creeks of the New World.

Editor’s Note: This is a view few visitors get to see, the Dove at full sail.

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