2020 Bardstown, KY postponed due to CoVID-19 Pandemic

A) Below you will find a recent Chicago Tribune article entitled: Bingeing on Doom, which is surprisingly an optimistic comparision with the Black Death Plague in Europe which started in 1347 - 1353. This article first appeared online at KHN - Kaiser Health News.

B) Next you will find the first page of a recent Discover Magazine article entitled: The Crux: History of Pandemics, which is basically a timeline with images visually representing the statistics of 20 of the more well-known pandemics and flus in world history, which is also a surprisingly optimistic comparison of the most commonly known pandemics and flu's. 

C) Next you will find the second page of Discover Magazine’s statistics based visual article on the History of Pandemics. This 2nd page is a listing of the same 20 pandemics and flu's, but they are arranged visually from the highest death numbers to the lowest death numbers. This largest death toll listing page gives an even more surprisingly optimistic comparison. 

All three pages have clear print, but the type size is small. Whatever browser you use, find the button combination that allows you to zoom in and enlarge the print for easier reading.

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