1976 Raleigh, NC

H. A. "Jack" Smith chaired the meeting until Frank B. Higdon was elected President.

The gavel was then passed to Frank B Higdon who presided over the rest of the meeting.

Minutes of the 1976 HFA Business Meeting

First Annual Meeting
October 16, 1976
Raleigh, North Carolina

The first Annual Meeting of the Higdon Family Association, Inc., was held on October 16, 1976, at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in Raleigh, North Carolina. Serving as temporary chairman was H. A. (Jack) Smith, who called the meeting to order and declared that all persons present would be allowed to vote on matters coming before the group for action. He stated that the purpose of the meeting was to formally adopt a Constitution and By-laws of The Higdon Family Association, Inc. Jo Ann Smith was appointed temporary secretary.

Jo Ann Smith reported that on August 30, 1975, several Higdons met at the Summit Inn in Franklin, NC, and discussed the formation of The Higdon Family Association. Action taken at that meeting was:

  1. The selection of a committee to draw up Articles of Incorporation and a Constitution and By-laws for the proposed Association. Those selected to serve on this committee were: Charles Higdon, Attorney at Law, Knoxville, Tennessee; Frank B. Higdon, CPA, Alexandria, Virginia; and William (Bill) Higdon, CPA, of Honolulu, Hawaii and Franklin, NC.

To authorize that the first annual meeting of the Association be held in Raleigh, NC, in October 1976, and Jo Ann Smith was appointed to pick the site and notify all Higdons for whom she had names and addresses of the meeting.

The Articles of Incorporation were drawn and filed with the N. C. Secretary of State's office on October 15, 1976.

Mr. Smith called on Frank Higdon, as a member of the committee, to explain the proposed Constitution. Each article of the Constitution was discussed, and a number of revisions were adopted. After these revisions were incorporated into the proposed Constitution, Helen H. Allison moved that the Constitution, including revisions, be adopted. The motion was seconded by Earl Higdon and carried.

Frank Higdon reviewed the proposed By-laws of the Association.

A motion was made by Jo Ann Smith which was seconded and carried, that the word "Regular" be inserted before the word "Member" each time it is written in the By-laws and that an additional statement be added to reflect that persons under eighteen years of age be Associate Members.

On motion of Helen Allison, which was seconded and carried, Item #9 was amended to read "the percentage of membership of the Association present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of any meeting of the Association and the concurrence of a simple majority present and voting on any matter before the Association shall be necessary for its determination."

On motion of Dennis Kidwell, properly seconded and passed, the last two sentences of Item #13 were amended to read "a report of the disbursement and receipts should be made to the members of the Board of Directors annually".

On motion of Dr. Higdon, which was seconded and passed, the fiscal year for the Association shall commence on July 1 and end on the last day of June of the next year.

On motion of Dr. Higdon, which was seconded and carried, the office of secretary and the office of treasurer can be combined if the members of the Association so desire to elect one person to both offices.

On motion of Ethel Higdon, seconded by Priscilla Higdon, the Bylaws, as amended, were adopted.

The next matter of business to come before the membership was the election of officers.

Dr. Higdon nominated Jo Ann Smith as President. Upon Mrs. Smith's request, he withdrew this nomination.

Helen Allison then nominated Frank Higdon for President.

Thelma Fitzwater moved that nominations cease, and that Frank Higdon be elected by acclamation. This motion was seconded and passed.

The gavel was presented to Frank Higdon, who presided for the remainder of the meeting.

Other officers elected were:

  • Dr. Robert S. Higdon - First Vice President
  • Violet D. Hunsucker - Second Vice President
  • Arnold Higdon - Third Vice President
  • Jo Ann Smith - Secretary-Treasurer
  • Charles E. Higdon - Director
  • Thelma H. Fitzwater - Director
  • Earl D. Higdon - Director
  • Helen H. Allison - Director

The meeting was adjourned.

Jo Ann Smith

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