1977 Asheville, NC

Minutes of the 1977 HFA Business Meeting

October 8, 1977
Asheville, North Carolina

The Higdon Family Association. Incorporated, met on October 8. 1977, at the Great Smokies Hilton in Asheville, North Carolina. President Frank B. Higdon presided.

On motion of Jim Higdon, seconded by Bill Higdon, the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Jo Ann Smith, Secretary-Treasurer reported a bank balance of $535.59 as of August 30, 1977. She presented a financial report for the year 1976-77 and invited members to stop by the podium after the meeting to review it in detail.

Since the Board of Directors did not meet and nominate officers and mail nominations to all members 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Eva Wood moved that this provision be waivered in order that nominations could now be made. This motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

The election of new officers for 1978-79 was the next item of business. A list of nominations recommended by the Board of Directors were presented. These were:

President, Dr. Robert S. Higdon

1st Vice President, Violet Hunsucker

Vice President, Charles Higdon

3rd Vice President, Helen Allison

Sec-Treasurer, Jo Ann Smith

Directors: Thelma H. Fitzwater

     Arnold Higdon

     Earl Higdon

     W. C. Johnson

There were no nominations from the floor. On motion of Bill Higdon, seconded by Edd Higdon, these persons listed above were elected by acclamation.

The republishing of Mrs. Herbert W. Coones' book, Colonial Higdons and some of their Descendants, was discussed. President Frank B. Higdon appointed Arnold Higdon and Jo Ann Smith to contact Mrs. Coone to see if arrangements can be made to reprint this book.

President Frank B. Higdon said an effort would be made to reproduce and make available for purchase by members of the Higdon Family Association the Higdon Coat-of-Arms.

He announced that the Higdon Family Association had applied for tax exempt status.

In order to comply with the requirements for tax exempt status, it is necessary to amend the Articles of Incorporation as follows: "Delete: Paragraphs I and 2 of Article 10 of Articles of Incorporation. Add: 'This corporation is operated in accordance with purposes set forth in section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code'. in place of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 10 of Articles of Incorporation.

By unanimous consent, Frank B. Higdon and Jo Ann Smith were designated to handle this and file an amendment with the Secretary of State's Office.

The site of the next Annual Meeting was discussed. A motion was made and carried that the 1978 Higdon Annual Meeting of the Higdon Family Association be held at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Charles Higdon was appointed to select a meeting place for October 13 -15.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jo Ann Smith

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