1979 Atlanta, GA

Minutes of the 1979 HFA Business Meeting

October 13, 1979
Atlanta, Georgia

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, met on October 13, 1979, at the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. President Violet Hunsucker extended a welcome and appointed Frank B. Higdon to preside.

Secretary-Treasurer distributed to the membership copies of the minutes of the annual meeting held last year in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. On motion of Thomas Nave, seconded by Jim Higdon and carried, the minutes were approved as written. A financial report was distributed. On motion of Jometa Higdon, seconded by Ethel Higdon and carried, this report was approved.

A motion was made by Thomas Nave, seconded and carried, that the provision providing for nominations be waived.

The Secretary presented the nominating committee's report for nominees for 1979-1980 Officers and Directors:

President, Charles E. Higdon

First Vice President, Helen Higdon Allison

Second Vice President, Darrin Higdon

Third Vice President, John V. Higdon

Secretary-Treasurer, Jo Ann Smith

Four Directors: Thelma Higdon Fitzwater

     Mina Higdon Floyd

     Ethel Higdon

     Frank B. Higdon

A motion by Rachel Higdon, which was duly seconded and carried, that these nominees be accepted by acclamation.

New President Charles E. Higdon reported that the Board of Directors wished to recommend that the next annual meeting be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, on the weekend of October 10, 11, and 12, 1980. On motion of Eva Higdon Wood, seconded and carried, the meeting site was chosen to be Knoxville, Tennessee, and the date of the meeting will be October 10, 11, and 12, 1980.

Each person present was asked to introduce himself (herself).

Edd Higdon announced that there is a Higdon Reunion at Fairmont, Georgia, every year on the last Sunday in July.

Jim Higdon announced that there is a Higdon Reunion in Macon County each year on the first Sunday in September.

Jo Ann Smith, who publishes the HIGDON FAMILY NEWSLETTER, reminded those present to submit material for publication.

It was pointed out that the annual dues cover the period from July 1 to the following June 30. In the future, membership cards will be given to current members.

The meeting adjourned.

Jo Ann Smith


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