1980 Knoxville, TN

Minutes of the 1980 HFA Business Meeting

October 11, 1980
Knoxville, Tennessee

The 1980 Annual Meeting of The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, was called to order by Charles E. Higdon, president. Minutes of the 1979 Annual Meeting were read and approved.

All members present received a copy of the treasurer's report, which listed for the fiscal year 1979-1980 total receipts as $1,425.00 and total expenditures as $1,834.78. The bank balance as of October 6, 1980 was $1,688.32.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed that present provisions for nominations of officers and directors be waived for this meeting.

The president asked the secretary-treasurer to present the recommendations of the present board of directors for officers and directors for 1980-1981, and these were placed in nomination:

President, Helen Higdon Allison, Charlotte, North Carolina

First Vice President, Darrin Higdon, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Second Vice President, Thelma Higdon Fitzwater, San Antonio, Texas

Third Vice President, Mina Higdon Floyd, McCayesville, Georgia

Secretary-Treasurer, Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

Director, Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, Virginia

Director, Ethel Higdon, Sylva, North Carolina

Director, Bettina P. Higdon, Cullman, Alabama

Director, Robert S. Higdon, Washington, D. C.

There being no other nominations, these persons were elected by acclamation. Charles E. Higdon of Knoxville, Tennessee, will remain on the board for one more year, as immediate past president.

The site and date for the 1981 meeting was discussed. Dr. Bob Higdon suggested that the meeting date should be moved up to the summer in order that more people, particularly young people, would be able to attend.

The site selected for the 1981 meeting was Charlotte, North Carolina, by vote of those present. This is the place of residence of the incoming president, Helen Higdon Allison. She indicated that some people would come if the cost was kept down and she planned to see if dormitory space at a college could be used for sleeping accommodations.

It was decided to have the meeting on either the first or second weekend in October. Mrs. Allison will select a place to meet and will then notify the membership of the time and place.

President Charles E. Higdon said that a copy of proposed amendments to the bylaws had been given to each member at the time of the meeting registration. He indicated that the Board had reviewed these bylaws at the meeting preceeding this annual meeting and had voted to make them available to the membership for discussion and consideration at this annual meeting. He explained that it is difficult to have meetings of the board of directors other than immediately before and after the annual meeting because the board members live in different states. He said these changes in the bylaws would provide a more workable framework for the Association.

On motion of Dr. Robert S. Higdon, seconded by Mrs. Walter Higdon, the bylaws changes were adopted, there being no dissenting votes.

It was announced that there are 78 current members, as of October 11, 1980. Edd Higdon urged getting more young people involved in the Association. Bonnie Higdon Reaves suggested that older members make a gift of a membership to younger members.

It was noted that the membership and attendance at annual meetings had decreased. The secretary-treasurer requested members to send her names of potential members in order that she can send them an application for membership in THE HIGDON FAMILY ASSOCIATION, INC. Also a complimentary copy of the HIGDON FAMILY NEWSLETTER will be sent.

Edd Higdon gave a report on the Higdon Reunion held in Fairmount, Georgia, each year on the last Sunday in July. He said 150 attended the 1980 reunion.

Jim Higdon reported on the Higdon Reunion held in Macon County, North Carolina in September of each year. He said two were held this year. On September 7 one was held at the Cullasaja School, and that on September 14, descendants gathered at Ellijay at the old Major William H. Higdon homesite. In order to have a good meeting place for future Reunions, grading has been done to provide good parkings, toilet facilities will be available, and a shelter is to be built. The shelter will cost about $600 with labor being volunteered by family members. Donations toward the shelter should be sent to E. G. Crawford.

There was a standing ovation to express appreciation to Charles E. Higdon for having served so well as president during the year 1979-80.

The meeting was adjourned in memory of the late John V. Higdon, who had served as third vice president of this association until his death-on July 8, 1980.

Jo Ann Smith


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