1981 Belmont, NC

Minutes of the 1981 HFA Business Meeting

October 10, 1981
Belmont, North Carolina

The 1981 Annual Meeting of The Higdon Family Association, Inc., was held on Saturday, October 10, 1981, at Sacred Heart College, Belmont, North Carolina. President Helen Higdon Allison presided. She extended a welcome to all and recognized officers and directors.

Priscilla Higdon presented to the president a gavel, which was given to the Association in memory of her late husband, Thomas Bragg Higdon, who had practiced law in Atlanta, Georgia, for many years.

Minutes of the last annual meeting were distributed and approved as written. Also a financial report was given.

President Allison called on each of the officers and directors for reports of activities which they desired to share with the membership.

President Allison expressed appreciation for having been elected president for the past year.

Frank Higdon, chairman of the Audit Committee, said he had examined the Association records and found them to be in good order.

Charles Higdon, chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, passed out copies of the revised Constitution and Bylaws.

Jim Higdon, chairman of the Entertainment committee, said there would be square dance demonstrations, for the evening entertainment.

Thomas Nave, chairman of the Finance Committee, was recognized.

Dr. Bob Higdon, chairman of the Membership Committee, was recognized. He had placed an advertisement in the Genealogical Helper and had received two responses. Also, he had purchased a book in which he had gotten 2,655 names and addresses of Higdons throughout the United States. On his motion, which was seconded by E. G. Crawford and passed, the Association was authorized to mail to this entire list information about the Association and to pay cost of same from the Association treasury.

On motion of Dr. Bob Higdon, seconded and carried, Lucille Coone was made an Honorary Member of the Association.

Charles Higdon, chairman of the Nominating Committee, presented the recommendations of his committee for officers and directors, as follows:

President, Darrin Higdon, Upper Saddle River, NJ

First Vice President, Mina Higdon Floyd, McCaysville, GA

Second Vice President, James D. Higdon, Tocooa, GA

Third Vice President, Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, NC

Secretary, Jessie Higdon Wilkie, Arden, NC

Treasurer, Frank Higdon, Alexandria, VA

Directors: Thomas Nave Redington Shores, FL

     Ethel Higdon Sylva, NC

     Bettina Higdon, Cullman, AL

     Dr. Bob Higdon, Washington, DC

All of the above were elected unanimously. President Allison asked that Jo Ann Smith be given a standing ovation for her efforts in forming the Association. President Allison expressed thanks to Thelma Higdon and Charles Higdon, both of whom would be completing their service on the board of directors.

Eva Higdon Wood, chairman of the Registration Committee, reported that 64 persons had registered for this meeting and the following States were represented:


On motion of R. E. Higdon, seconded by Priscilla Higdon and passed, the 1982 Annual Meeting will be held at Huntsville, Alabama.

Drawings were held for prizes.

The meeting was adjourned with a silent prayer for deceased relatives.

Jo Ann Smith


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