1982 Huntsville, AL

Minutes of the 1982 HFA Business Meeting

October 9,1982
Huntsville, Alabama

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, held its annual meeting October 9, 1982, at 10:30 A.M., in the Capitol Room of the Sheraton Inn, Huntsville, Alabama.

The meeting was called to order by Darrin L. Higdon, president. He extended the official welcome and made mention of the gavel, which had been used for the first time. The gavel was presented to the Association at the 1981 meeting in Belmont by Mrs. Thomas Bragg Higdon in memory of her late husband.

The president then introduced the officers and directors of the Association.

The minutes of the 1981 meeting were read by the secretary and were approved upon motion made by James D. Higdon and seconded by Frank B. Higdon, copies of the minutes were distributed to the members.

Frank B. Higdon, treasurer, reported. a cash balance of $4,249.79 for 1981. Expenditures for the year were $3,124.99 leaving a balance as of June 30, 1982, of $1,124.80. Since June 30, 1982, receipts from membership dues and annual meeting registrations had increased the bank balance to $2,666.37. as of October 7, 1982. The treasurer's report was accepted and copies were distributed to the members in attendance.

Reports of other officers and directors were next in order. Mina Higdon Floyd, first vice president, who was In charge of arranging for the meeting place, expressed appreciation for William E. Higdon's assistance in securing accommodations at the Sheraton Inn.

Helen Higdon Allison, past president of 1980-81, presented a president's placque to Darrin. She introduced all past presidents in attendance, including Frank B. Higdon, Robert S. Higdon, and Charles E. Higdon. She also gave news of Violet Dillard Hunsucker who served as third president of the Association. Violet is now in Howard's Nursing Home at Apex, North Carolina.

Committee reports were then given. Charles E. Higdon, chairman of constitution and bylaws invited suggestions for any needed changes the present regulations.

For entertainment, James D. Higdon outlined plans to have news from family groups and also a sing-along following the Saturday night banquet.

Membership chairman, Robert S. Higdon, reported on the membership drive which he spearheaded during the past year. Twenty-eight hundred letters were mailed to Higdons in forty-five states, resulting in an increase of eighty-nine new members. The total membership then numbered two hundred. The cost of the drive, $996.13, was more than covered by the new member dues amounting to $890.00, and by the sale of Mrs. Coone's books for $ 180.00. The total amount realized from the drive was $1,070.00.

The report of the nominating committee was given by James D. Higdon in the absence of Jo Ann Smith, chairman. The following slate of officers and directors was presented:

President: Mina Higdon Floyd, McCaysville, Georgia

First vice president: James D. Higdon Toccoa, Georgia

Second vice president: Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

Third vice president: Dain Higdon, San Antonio, Texas

Secretary: Jessie Higdon Wilkie, Arden, North Carolina

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon., Alexandria, Virginia

Directors: Ethel H. Higdon., Sylva, North Carolina

     Leonard Higdon, Knoxville, Tennessee

     Robert S. Higdon, Washington, D. C.

     Opal M. Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Motion for acceptance of the report of the nominating was made by James D. Higdon and was seconded by Bettina Higdon. The motion was carried. There being no nominations from the floor, the slate as presented was declared elected.

For the program committee, Mina Higdon Floyd announced plans for a workshop to be held Saturday, from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M., at the Huntsville Public Library, with free transportation provided. She also announced that the banquet speaker would be Sarah Higdon Peyton, who had been guest editor of the newsletter.

Eva Higdon Wood registration chairman, reported sixty-nine persons in attendance, with possibly a few more to come. Seventeen states were represented, including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana , New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.

There being no unfinished business, new business was next in order. At the recommendation of the Board of Directors, the need for raising the annual membership dues to $15.00 was discussed. Sarah Higdon Peyton called attention to the rising cost of publication of the newsletter. The suggestion was made that selling advertising might help finance the newsletter. Thelma H. Fitzwater made the motion that dues be set at $15.00 beginning with the year 1983-84. The motion was seconded by Robert S. Higdon and was declared adopted by the chair.

The location of the 1983 meeting of the Association was voted upon, with Chattanooga, Tennessee, being first choice. The dates were set for October 7, 8, and 9.

Bettina Higdon led the closing meditation, based on Scripture from the Gospel of John, in memory of family members who had died during the past year.

The meeting was then adjourned by the president.

Jessie Higdon Wilkie


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