1983 Chattanooga, TN

Minutes of the 1983 HFA Business Meeting

October 18, 1983
Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, held its eighth annual meeting October 8, 1983, at 10 A. M., in the Mason Room of the Sheraton Inn--South, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mina Higdon Floyd, president, called the meeting to order and extended the official welcome. She recognized nine persons who attended the organizational meeting of the Association in Franklin, North Carolina, in August 1975. They were Jessie Brannon, Charles E. Higdon, Darrin L. Higdon, Edd Higdon, James Dean Higdon, Priscilla Hogan Higdon, Mary Higdon, Jack Smith, and Jo Ann Smith. Mina also attended. The member ,present who had attended all meetings was Priscilla Hogan Higdon.

Each person present was asked to stand and identify him/herself.

Rachel Higdon conducted the opening devotional.

Minutes of the 1982 annual meeting were read and approved. Copies of the minutes were distributed to members present.

Cheryl Higdon Milam gave the treasurer's report in the absence of her father, Frank B. Higdon, treasurer. She reported a bank balance of $1,124.80 as of July 1, 1982. Receipts totaled $2,717.00, making a new balance of $3,841.80. Expenditures for the year were $2,939.24, leaving a total of $902.56 in the bank as of June 30, 1983. Since June 30 the collection of membership dues and annual meeting registrations, minus disbursements, had left a bank total of $2,665.00, as of October 5, 1983. The report was ordered filed.

James D. Higdon first vice president, announced plans for the banquet program. A singing group, The Landmark Quartet, former students of Rachel Higdon, would perform. Charles E. Higdon would preside at "Higdon Highlights," a period when members would share information about families.

Jo Ann Smith, second -vice president, asked that members keep her informed about their mailing addresses. She also announced that her book, The Higdon Family Association, would be on sale after the meeting.

Third vice-president, W.Dain Higdon, discussed the feasibility of holding the 1986 annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, and touring the historic sites. Many members indicated their willingness to attend a meeting there.

Officers and directors present but making no reports were Darrin L. Higdon, Ethel H. Higdon, Leonard Higdon, and Robert S. Higdon.

During Committee reports Charles E. Higdon proposed the addition of two paragraphs to the Association By Laws to allow for two more officers.

  • Paragraph 28 would state the following: Parliamentarian: The immediate past president shall serve as parliamentarian at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at the general meeting of the Association during the year following his or her presidency.
  • Paragraph 29: Historian: An historian shall be appointed each year by the presidents with the approval of the Board of Directors, to serve for a period of at least one year. The duties of the historian shall be to maintain such historical records for the Association as directed by the Board. The historian shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors and shall perform such other duties as may be directed by the president.

The motion was made by Charles E. Higdon that the proposed amendments be adopted. Jo Ann Smith seconded the motion, which was carried by vote.

Darrin L. Higdon, chairman of audit and finance, had no report.

Robert S. Higdon, membership chairman, reported that last year 2,800 letters were sent to prospective members and that 89 new members were added to the pre-drive list of 112. This year 26 new members had been added. Three of the membership had died; four had canceled; eight were delinquent in 1982-83 dues; and forty are delinquent during the current year. The present membership stands at 162, which is a 50% increase over the pre-drive number.

Accommodations chairman, William E. Higdon, had assisted with arrangements for the meeting and the entertainment at the banquet.

Eva Higdon Wood, registration chairman, reported an attendance of 68, with possibly more to come. Nine of those pre-registered had not yet arrived. Fifteen states were represented. Eva thanked Jessie Brannon, Mina Floyd, Mary Higdon, and Lois Keener for their help in registration.

The business session was next in order. There being no unfinished business, the first item of new business was the election of officers. Helen Higdon Allison, nominating committee chairman, read the Articles of the Constitution governing nominations and elections. She then gave the following report:

President: James Dean Higdon, Toccoa, Georgia

First vice president: Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

Second vice president: W. Dain Higdon, San Antonio, Texas

Third vice president: Leonard Higdon

Secretary: Jessie Higdon Wilkie, Arden, North Carolina

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, Virginia

Directors: Ethel Higdon, Sylva, North Carolina

     Robert S. Higdon, Washington, D. C.

     Opal M. Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah

     Charles A. (Chuck) Higdon, Bricktown, New Jersey

As there were no nominations from the floor, the slate was elected upon a motion made by W. Dain Higdon and seconded by Robert S. Higdon.

Attention was called to Higdon books and coat of arms that would be available after the meeting.

James D. Higdon, incoming president announced that the 1984 meeting of the Association would be held in Asheville North Carolina on October 5, 6, and 7.

Jo Ann Smith explained the desirability of holding the 1985 meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, since the early Higdons in America had settled in that region.

Winnie Freeman suggested consideration of Memphis, Tennessee, as a future meeting site.

The president announced that a photographer would be present at 6 P.M. near the banquet room to take group pictures. She also announced a genealogical workshop conducted by Jo Ann Smith to be held at 2:30 P. M., in the Continental Room.

Appreciation was expressed for the "Goodie Bags," which contained among other useful items, handmade shot copper paperweights from the Copper Basin area.

James D. Higdon then conducted a memorial service in honor of members and relatives who had died during the past year. Those persons were Arnold Higdon,Barnard Franklin ("Red") Higdon, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Higdon, Ebb Higdon, Joseph Higdon, Ken Higdon, Reece Higdon, Sally Higdon, Vernon Dean Higdon, Sylvester Lilley, Sarah Higdon Peyton's Mother, and Irene Higdon Bryson Slagle.

The meeting was then adjourned upon a motion made by Charles E Higdon and seconded by William E. Higdon.

Jessie Higdon Wilkie

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