1984 Asheville, NC

Minutes of the 1984 HFA Business Meeting

October 6, 1984
Asheville, North Carolina

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, held its ninth annual business meeting October 6, 1984, at 10:30 A. M., in the Mt. Pilot Room of the Great Smokies Hilton Inn, Asheville, North Carolina.

James Dean Higdon, president, called the meeting to order and extended the official welcome. New members were recognized, and all members introduced themselves and told of their Higdon lineage.

Jo Ann Smith, first vice president and also editor of the Higdon Family Newsletter, said that any member not receiving the Newsletter should see her about the problem.

Minutes of the 1983 annual meeting were read, corrected, and approved. Copies of the minutes and of the 1983-84 membership list were distributed.

Frank B. Higdon, treasurer, gave the financial report, showing transactions from July 1, 1983, to June 30, 1984. The total of funds available was $4,923.56. Expenditures were $3,017.13, leaving a balance of $1,906 43. Receipts since June 30 brought the bank total to $3,705.79, as of October 5, 1984. Frank requested that persons sending him checks be sure to state the purpose for which the checks were intended. Copies of the treasurer's report were distributed to the membership. The report was approved on a motion made by Charles Higdon, seconded by Robert S. Higdon, and passed by vote.

Ethel H. Higdon, director and senior member of the Association, was recognized by the president. She had no report.

Robert S. Higdon, director and membership chairman, summarized the results of last year's membership drive, stating that eighty-nine new members had been added to the previous total of one hundred twelve. The present membership stands at one hundred fifty-four. Thirty-two members are delinquent in dues, and twenty or more have died. He warned against buying Higdon books with only lists of names, saying that he had bought one which he termed "worthless." Bob also asked permission to mail letters to Higdons in the Annapolis area in anticipation of next year's meeting. He stated that Higdons are most numerous in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas, in that order.

Opal Willis, director, announced a workshop to be held at 2:30 P. M., in the Mt. Pilot Room. Audiovisuals would be used.

Helen Higdon Allison, historian, outlined plans for keeping a scrapbook of news items and photographs pertaining to the Higdon Family. She urged members to help her collect materials for the record.

Charles E. Higdon, chairman of Constitution and By Laws called attention to the two new By Laws adopted last year. They are stated as Paragraphs 28 and 29 in the minutes of the 1983 annual meeting. He suggested that they be clipped and added to the copies of the By Laws already printed.

Leonard Higdon, third vice president and chairman of audit and finance, had no report.

Jo Ann Smith, program chairman, had no report.

Mina Higdon Floyd, chairman of the nominating committee, presented the following slate of officers and directors for the year 1984-85:

President: Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

First vice president: W. Dain Higdon, San Antonio, Texas

Second vice president: A. G. (Bert) Higdon, Orange Beach, Alabama

Third vice president: Opal M. Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Secretary: Rachel Higdon, Copper Hill, Tennessee

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, Virginia

Directors: Ethel H. Higdon, Sylva, North Carolina

     Robert S. Higdon, Washington, D. C.

     Nan H. Harrison, Richland, Michigan

     William E. (Bill) Higdon, Riverdale, Georgia

There being no further nominations Robert S. Higdon made a motion that nominations cease; the motion was seconded by Priscilla Higdon. The slate of officers and directors was then declared elected.

As registration chairman, Betty Higdon reported that fifty-seven had attended the Friday night reception and that the pre-registration was sixty-two. However, more people were arriving, and seventy to eighty were expected at the banquet.

The president announced that the entertainment after the banquet would be a square dance demonstration by the West Asheville Highlanders.

Under the heading of new business, plans for next year's meeting were announced. The place would be in the vicinity of Annapolis, Maryland, because of its historical importance to the Higdon Family. The three hundred fiftieth anniversary of the settling of Maryland will be celebrated, and it was there that the early Higdons in America made their appearance. Dates for the meeting were tentatively set for October 25, 26, and 27, 1985. Jo Ann asked members to watch the Newsletter for further details.

Jo Ann also called attention to a number of books and articles about the Higdons, including those by Ray Higdon, Sarah Higdon Peyton, Bettina Higdon, Lucille Coone, Jo Ann Smith, and Jessie Higdon Wilkie.

The president explained that cut-off dates for registrations and for refunds would be set for each meeting by the president in charge, and that such dates would be announced with the notification of the meeting.

Mina Higdon Floyd conducted a memorial service for family members who had died during the past year. Those named were J. T. Allen, Edgar Wood, Jr., Blanche Higdon Parrish, Glen Higdon, Mary Sue Higdon Powell, Homer H. ("Jimmy Jack”) Higdon, Catherine Higdon 0’ Bryan, Carrie Higdon Pelfrey, Nila Jane Higdon Franklin, and John Hoyle Higdon. The service was concluded with the reading of Scripture from the Book of Isaiah.

Announcement was made of a photo-taking session at 6 P. M., in the banquet rooms, with Bert Redwine as photographer. Prints would be sent to Jo Ann for the Newsletter and to Helen for the historian's scrapbook.

Eva Higdon Wood announced that she and Lois Keener had brought a bushel of apples from Barber Orchard at Waynesville, and that members were invited to pick up an apple at the door. Brochures about the orchard and apple recipes were also available.

The business session being concluded, the meeting was adjourned.

Jessie Higdon Wilkie

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