1985 Waldorf, MD

Minutes of the 1985 HFA Business Meeting

October 12, 1985
Waldorf, Maryland

The Higdon Family Association, Incorporated, held its tenth meeting October 12, 1985, at 8:00 a.m. in the Brown Room of the Waldorf Holiday Inn, Waldorf, Maryland.

Jo Ann Smith, president, called the meeting to order, gave the official welcome, and then called on Jack Smith to take the chair in order that she might complete arrangements for the tour scheduled for 9:00 a.m.

Minutes for meeting in Asheville in 1984 were distributed. The treasurer's report showed $2,710.74 in the treasury. The motion to accept these reports was made by William E. (Bob) Higdon; seconded by Clarence Willis.

Dr. Robert S. Higdon, membership committee, gave the following report: 1983-84, fifteen new members; 1984-85, twenty-two new members; thirty-two unpaid members for both years; 1983-84, one hundred and fifty-four members; 1984-85, one hundred and eighty-one members. He explained that the notice sent out by treasurer's office had stated dues due for 1985 instead of 1986. This error will be corrected, and new notices will be mailed to those who have not renewed for 1985-86.

A change in amendment #29 of the bylaws, recommended by the Board of Directors, was presented by Charles E. Higdon. A line was deleted to clarify that the historian would not be a member of the board of Directors. Charles E. Higdon made the motion that this change be made; seconded by Clarence Willis. After some discussion, approval was given. The bylaws will be printed and distributed to the membership it was announced.

Jo Ann Smith returned to preside.

Jim Higdon, chairman of the nominating committee, presented the following slate of officers and directors for the year 1985-86:

President: W. Dain Higdon, San Antonio, Texas

First Vice President: Opal M. Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Second Vice President: Nan H. Harrison, Richland, Michigan

Third Vice President: William E. Higdon, Riverdale, Georgia

Secretary: Thelma Fitzwater, San Antonio, Texas

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, Virginia

Directors: Ethel H. Higdon, Sylva, North Carolina

     Robert S. Higdon, Washington, D. C.

     Walter C. Higdon, Mayfield, Kentucky

     Eleanor Higdon, Newburg, Maryland

The motion to accept this report was made by Eva Wood; seconded by Jim Higdon. Motion carried.

Helen Allison made a motion to accept the invitation to meet in San Antonio, Texas in 1986. Opal Willis gave the second and the motion carried.

Announcements: Attention to history of association being kept in scrapbook prepared by Helen Allison, 1983-84, and continued by Christine Cook, historian, 1984-85. Christine encouraged members to send in information. Dain suggested members send pictures made at meetings.

Members were reminded of books already available by Jessie H. Wilkie, Jo Ann Smith, Bettina P. Higdon, Sarah Higdon Peyton, and others. Opal Willis reported that her material was available for inspection. She plans to publish a book soon.

Opal Willis conducted the memorial service for deceased members: Mary Higdon Burch, Edd Higdon, Ted Higdon, Elizabeth Higdon Kirk, and Helen Higdon Toler.

Meeting adjourned for tour to points of interest in Charles County and St. Mary’s City, Maryland.

Rachel M. Higdon


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