1986 San Antonio, TX

Minutes of the 1986 HFA Business Meeting

October 11, 1986
San Antonio, Texas

Editor's note: Street addresses for the newly elected officers appear in the original document; they are omitted in this version.

Newly elected officers for 1986-1987:

President: Opal Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah

First Vice President: Nan Higdon Harrison, Richland, Michigan

Second Vice President: William E. Higdon, Riverdale, Georgia

Third Vice President: Harold Dean Higdon, Hazelhurst, Mississippi

Secretary: Katheryn Davis Bartley, Houston, Texas

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, Virginia

Ethel H. Higdon, Sylva, North Carolina
Robert (Bob) S. Higdon, M.D., Annapolis, Maryland
Charles E. Higdon, Knoxville, Tennessee
James D. Higdon, Toccoa, Georgia

Immediate Past President:W. Dain Higdon, San Antonio, Texas

  1. The Agenda Meeting opened with prayer for the, guidance of the new slate of officers for the year 1986 - 1987.

  2. W. Dain Higdon opened for discussion membership fees and suggested:
    • a. membership fee by family/couples @ $20.00
    • b. membership fee by person @ $15.00

The constitutionality of change of membership fees arose and was referred to Charles E. Higdon by Opal Willis who assured those present that the By-laws of membership state that a person must be eighteen years of age or over, either blood relative or other; thus family membership or single membership can be established. It was suggested that a distinction to determine the right to vote could be established on the identity card.

Charles E. Higdon proposed a task force to determine changes in appropriate membership rules. He will work with Frank R. Higdon and Dr. Robert S. Higdon on the proposed change.

W. Dain Higdon suggested a couple have one vote and an individual have one vote, issuing numbered ballots for voting rights.

James D. Higdon suggested that, unless the Association established scholarships, etc., or some other need for money, there was no need to worry about dues and also suggested that there be one vote per couple.

A discussion was held on the limit of money the Association could hold without being taxed as a Corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. The Board of Directors will determine the legal aspects and bring back their findings for determination of the membership question and fees at the 1987 Reunion.

Further suggestion for an enlarged membership might be possible if the Association may have the flexibility to meet at times of the year other than October. Younger families could use this time for vacations with their school age children as well as for attending The Higdon Family Association, Inc. Reunion.

Opal Willis stated that the Salt Lake City, Utah meeting in 1987 would be best scheduled for the second week in October due to the fact that hotel and library accommodations will be booked during the first week in October because of the Yearly Conference of The Church of the Latter Day Saints, who come from all parts of the world.


  1. The need to work on new membership, especially all persons in each officer's geographical area. Each officer could get others in their families or other interested parties to contact family members personally, promote family friendliness and membership, establish interest in family identity and establish a desire for all members to return to the yearly reunion of the Association.

It was established that the President formulates the Program and appoints necessary committees to carry out her/his Program out of available resources.

Suggestions for the 1987 Program were as follows:

- Miss America - Oral Histories - People with talent - Performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, broadcast to last 30 minutes of Sunday - Tours of the area and the Genealogical Library

Any monies derived from the Program will be deposited into the treasury of the Association.

It was also suggested that the Program be on a day other than Banquet Night.

If it is decided to have an Oral Histories Program, certain members could be selected to present their oral history which could be taped and recorded or written to be placed in The Association Archives for posterity.

It was suggested that the Speaker on Banquet Night be the installing person for the following year's officers.

Opal Willis, President, appointed the three Past Presidents to serve as the Nominating Committee:

  • Chairman: W. Dain Higdon
  • Jo Ann Smith
  • James D. Higdon

Historian, a newly establish position, is to be Jo Ann Smith (above).

A suggestion was made that the Association meeting be adjourned at noon on the last meeting day so that those wishing to leave for home may do so.

Opal Willis stated that The Higdon Family Association, Inc. meeting be Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the second week in October,1987 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She explained that the hotel she has contacted will work with the Association on special rates and reserving one floor for the members.

Sincere appreciation was expressed to W. Dain Higdon for the 1986 meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Everyone had great fun and fellowship attending The Higdon Family Association, Inc. Reunion and visiting the local points of interest. W. Dain Higdon responded by expressing his pleasure and that of his family in hosting this year.

It was moved that this meeting be adjourned by Bill and seconded by W. Dain -- the meeting adjourned.

Katheryn Davis Bartley

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