1988 Rough River, KY

Minutes of the 1988 HFA Business Meeting

October 8, 1988
Rough River State Park, Rough River, Kentucky

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM by Nan Harrison President. Nan introduced the past presidents who were present and then the present board of directors. First Vice President, William Higdon, Riverdale, Ga. Second Vice President, James E. Higdon of Indian Head,Md. Third Vice President, Gena Lee Theiss, Louisville, Ky. Secretary Katheryn Davis Bartley of Huston, Tx. who could not attend because of illness, Treasurer, Frank B. Higdon of Alexandria, Va. Directors are Ethel Higdon of Sylva, N.C. who was not present because of illness, Charles E. Higdon of Knoxville, Tenn. James D. Higdon of Toccoa, Georgia and Frances Higdon Smith of El Paso, Texas.

President Nan Harrison thanked the many people who helped to make the meeting a success. A report from registrar Gena Lee Theiss showed that we had 18 states represented and 1 Canadian Province. As of Saturday morning there were 75 people registered.

Treasurer Frank Higdon reported some members who had not previously paid have now done so. His report is attached to the minutes.

The secretary's report was read by acting secretary W.Dain Higdon for the minutes of the general meeting Oct. 10, 1987. The minutes were corrected to read: "It was voted on to move the meeting of the Higdon Family Assoc. from October to June." The minutes were approved as corrected.

Helen Higdon Allison asked for special privilege to report on the health of her mother, Ethel Higdon who sent her regards and to tell us of the death of her uncle on Oct.7, 1988.

Charles E. Higdon presented the report of the nominating committee:

President: William E. Higdon, Riverdate, GA.

1st Vice Pres.: James E. Higdon, Indian Head, Md.

2nd Vice Pres.: Carl H. Higdon, San Jose, CA

3rd Vice Pres.: Frances H. Smith, El Paso, TX

Secretary: Jessie Higdon Smith, Fairmont, GA

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon, Alexandria, VA

Directors: Charles E. Higdon, Knoxville, TN

     James D. Higdon, Toccoa, GA

     Gena Lee Theiss, Louisville, KY

     James W. Higdon, Manchester, MO.

Honorary Director: Ethel Higdon, Sylvia, NC

A motion was made to bestow an honorary directorship on Ethel Higdon. It was seconded and passed. The slate was presented and seconded and the officers for 1989 were elected and introduced.

Bill. Higdon, President-Elect, announced that our next meeting will be held June 23, 24, 25 at the Ramada Inn in Atlanta, Ga. The motion was made that we accept Bill's suggestion. The motion passed.

James E. Higdon suggested that we hold the 1990 meeting in Williamsburg, Va. He is looking into the possibilities and will present it to the body at the June 1989 meeting.

Helen Higdon Allison conducted the memorial service. She read a memoriam in honor of those who have died during the past year. The list included: Lorena Higdon Baird, Shella H. Chenault, Pearl H. Corbin, James Emmitt Garrison, Durelle Frances Higdon, Frank Higdon, Grady Higdon, J. Caswell Higdon, Joseph Huffman Higdon, Jr., L.D. Higdon, L.H. Higdon, Martin Harold Higdon, Sr., Fred Thomas Houston, Verna Godfrey Hyatt, Mildred Bryson Moore, Ellen Higdon Smith, Woodrow Smith, Endora Blanche Sprague.

Several members shared the announcement of their 50th or more wedding anniversaries.

Jean Higdon, San Antonio, Texas asked that the body thank Nan with applause for her work as president.

Helen H. Allison moved we adjourn by standing and pledging our allegiance to the flag.

W. Dain Higdon
Acting Secretary

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