1989 Atlanta, GA

Minutes of the 1989 HFA Business Meeting

June 24, 1989
Atlanta, Georgia

The annual meeting of the Higdon Family Association was held on Saturday, June 24, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting was called to order by the president, W. E. (Bill) Higdon.

The Pledge to the Flag was led by Jim Higdon and Dain Higdon led the group in prayer.

Minutes of the 1988 annual meeting were read by the secretary, Jessie Higdon Smith, and approved as read.

Reports were heard from the following officers:

Frank B. Higdon, treasurer, passed out copies of the treasurer's report and pointed out that the cash on hand was higher than usual because a number of bills for this year's meeting have not been paid yet. A motion to accept the report as submitted passed.

James E. Higdon, first vice president, said he would speak later in the program.

Carl E. Higdon, second vice president, reported that he had been looking for possible meeting sites for the 1991 meeting. He has looked at places in the bay area near San Francisco, California.

Frances H. Smith, third vice president, was absent due to the fact that she and her husband are moving to Florida.

Charles E. Higdon, director, who is also on the nominating committee, indicated the need for "some willing souls to serve".

James D. Higdon, director, had nothing to report.

James W. Higdon, director, was not present.

Helen Higdon Allison, historian, asked for pictures of the meeting at Rough River, Kentucky, as well as news articles concerning Higdons. She brought greetings from her mother Ethel Higdon, honorary director. She also extended greetings from Ethel Currie of Canada, who could not attend this meeting.

It was reported that Pat and Helen Higdon from Michigan need our prayers; Helen has just had surgery and is very sick.


Constitution and Bylaws. Charles E. Higdon, chairman, reported that the last revision of the Constitution and Bylaws was in 1985. He will review the minutes of previous meetings and draft a revision and get it to the secretary to be distributed to the members of the Association.

Membership. Carl E. Higdon reported he had been scouting for new members and found a Pat Higdon in Albuquerque NM, son of Emory Higdon, son of Bass Higdon. He said Opal Higdon from Shamrock TX is also interested in the Association. He asked that we all "shake the bushes" for new members. He reported that we have had 18 new members to join the Association in the past year.

Program Committee. Mina Floyd urged everyone to attend the banquet. She promised good food and entertainment and that we would meet some new "kin."

Nominating Committee. In the absence of Nan Harrison, Opal Willis reported that the committee had completed its work and has a list of officers to nominate for 1989-1990.

PRESIDENT James E. Higdon




SECRETARY Catherine Higdon Taylor

TREASURER Frank B. Higdon

DIRECTORS Charles E. Higdon, James D. Higdon, Eva Higdon Wood, James Walter Higdon


The nomination committee report was accepted and officers approved.

There being no unfinished business, new business was called for.

Jo Ann Smith, editor of the Higdon Family Newsletter, reported that several books have been printed about Higdons. She gave out family group sheets and asked that these be filled out and returned to her. She announced that she still has a few copies of her book on The Higdon Family Association.

The president announced that the board of directors recommends as the site for next year's meeting Williamsburg, Virginia, and the dates of June 22- 1990 as the time to meet. Comments from the members were solicited. After discussion about the dates, it was moved and seconded that the meeting be held in Williamsburg on June 22-23-24, 1990. The motion passed.

Dain Higdon of San Antonio, Texas, asked what we could do to increase attendance at meetings. He said we need some means of featuring the organization. President Bill Higdon appointed the following committee to look into this problem: Dain Higdon, opal Willis, Charles Higdon, Dean Higdon, Helen Allison.

Mina Higdon Floyd reported that a proposed college, a part of Truett McConnell College, will be opened in Fannin County, Georgia. Bonnie Higdon Reaves also spoke about the college. She said that when she was a young girl she was able to get her diploma because the Mary P. Willingham School was available for the mountain girls. She reported that her brother, the late Walter Higdon, had been a trustee of Truett McConnell College for years prior to his death. She indicated she has taken an interest in the proposed college in Fannin County because she wants the mountain youth of today to have the same opportunity she had for an education. This college will serve Union, Fannin, and Gilmer counties in Georgia. Bonnie Higdon Reaves said she has made a donation toward the school and would love to see a "Higdon Room". She suggested that others make donations, especially those who have "roots" in Fannin County.

Jessie Wilkie announced she has copies of her books available, as well as copies of the Higdon Coat of Arms.

Jo Ann Smith announced that she has some back issues of the Higdon Family Newsletters if anyone wants them.

Opal Willis said she has some of her books available also.

James E. Higdon reported that a school in Wayside, Maryland, had been named for Dr. Thomas Higdon.

Jessie Higdon Smith reported 72 persons had registered for the meeting, as of this time. Others will be registering for the banquet.

H. A. (Jack) Smith asked for a moment of silence, in memorian, for the following persons: James A. Bautz

  • Joe D. Nave
  • Edwin Taylor
  • Claude Reece Higdon
  • Dianne Higdon
  • Lola Higdon

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Jessie Smith


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