1990 Williamsburg, VA

Minutes of the 1990 HFA Business Meeting

June 23, 1990
Williamsburg, Virginia

The annual meeting of the Higdon Family Association was held on June 23, 1990 in Williamsburg, VA, with President James E. Higdon presiding. The Secretary being absent, Frances H. Smith was appointed Secretary pro tem.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag was led by James E. Higdon. W. Dain Higdon prayed the invocation.

Minutes of the 1989 annual meeting were read by the acting Secretary and approved.


Frank B. Higdon, Treasurer, distributed copies of the treasurer’s report and moved to accept as presented. Motion seconded and passed.

Carl E. Higdon, First Vice-President, reported plans for the 1991 annual meeting as follows: Le Barron Hotel, San Jose, CA June 20-23, 1991

Frances H. Smith, Second Vice-President, stated that she is making plans for the 1992 annual meeting to be in Pensacola, FL.

Third Vice-President Wanda H. Jackson was not present.

Eva Wood, director, stated that she has a picture of her mother, Ethel Higdon, honorary Director. She will be 100 years old on August 10, 1990.

Gena Lee Theiss, Director, had no report.

James W. Higdon, Director, had no report.


Constitution and By-Laws: Charles E. Higdon reported that he had reviewed the Constitution and By-Laws. He found that articles #28 and #29 drafted in 1985 had not been approved at the annual meeting.

Charles E. Higdon moved that the following amendments be approved:

Article #5 Term of Office

Delete following Treasurer “and four at-large members of the board of directors.”

Insert the following: “The four at large members of the Board shall serve two and one year terms as determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership at the annual meeting of the Higdon Family Association.”

Article #28 - Parliamentarian

“Parliamentarian: The President of the Association, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall each year appoint a member of the Board of Directors to serve as Parliamentarian at the meetings of the Association. Decisions by the Parliamentarian shall be in accord with Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Article #29 - Historian

“Historian: The President of the Association, with the approval of the board of directors, shall each year designate a member of the Association who shall maintain pertinent historical record of the activities of the Association to be passed on to his/her successor following the annual meeting. The historian shall attend meetings of the board of directors but shall not vote on resolutions or other business matters considered by said board.”

The motion was seconded and passed.

These amendments will be printed in the newsletter.

Program and Entertainment:

James E. Higdon, director, announced that he will be in charge of entertainment for the banquet. He encouraged participation from the group.


Frank B. Higdon announced that he has available membership blanks. Carl H. Higdon reported that he had mailed out about 30 and had 12-15 replies. The members were urged to continue to inform and encourage Higdon family members to join the Association.


Jo Ann Smith reported that 63 members had registered from 15 states and Canada. She reminded members to keep her informed with correct addresses. Jo Ann was given a standing ovation in honor of her outstanding work as editor of the Higdon Family Association Newsletter since January, 1972.

New Members: The following new members were recognized:

Patricia Miller - Pensacola, FL Ruth Coggin - Sylva, NC James B. Higdon - Greenville, NC

Nominating: William E. Higdon, chairman of the Nominating Committee, presented the slate of officers. The report was accepted and officers approved.

President: Carl H. Higdon

First Vice-President: Frances H. Smith

Second Vice-President: Wanda H. Jackson

Third Vice-President: James Walter Higdon

Secretary: Linda H. Monroe

Treasurer: Frank B. Higdon

Directors (1 year term): Charles Higdon, James D. Higdon

Directors (2 year term): Eva H. Wood, W. Dain Higdon

Honorary Director: Ethel Higdon


W. Dain Higdon moved that a called Board of Directors meeting be held to decide to change the annual meeting time back to October. Motion seconded and passed.


Jessie Wilkie announced that she has copies of the Higdon Coat of Arms with explanation available.


Helen H. Allison led the members in a time of remembering deceased family members.

Leonard Higdon - Knoxville, TN John L. Higdon - Charlie, TX; Frank Shelton Higdon - Knoxville, TN; Bragg Higdon - Franklin, TN; Lovena Higdon Malone - Springville, AL; W. B. (Dave) Higdon - San Antonio, TX; Andrea S. Higdon - Goodrich, MI; Marguerite G. Higdon - Topeka, KS; Delbert Smith - Grayson, KY; Mack A. Higdon - Augusta, GA; William H. Smith, - Franklin, NC; Anna (Mrs. Floyd) Higdon - Sebring, FL

The members applauded James E. Higdon for his fine job as President during the past year. The President declared the meeting adjoined at 10:30 a.m.

At a called meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the Annual Business Meeting of the Association, the Board decided to have the 1992 annual meeting the first week-end of October.

Frances H. Smith

Secretary pro tem      

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