1991 San Jose, CA

Minutes of the 1991 HFA Business Meeting

June 21, 1991
San Jose, California

The Higdon Family Association’s annual business meeting was called to order at 9:45 a.m. by President Carl Henry Higdon at the Le Baron Hotel, San Jose, California.

Secretary, Linda Moureaux read the minutes of the 1990 annual meeting. It was moved and seconded that the minutes be approved as read. The motion was unanimously carried.

Due to illness, President Carl Higdon turned the meeting over to 1st Vice-President Frances Higdon Smith.

Helen Allison lead a prayer and a moment of silence while a candle was lit in memory of family members lost during the year.

Charles Higdon presented changes to the Constitution and By-Laws. Attached is a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws as amended. A motion was made to approve all amendments. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Treasurer, Frank Higdon presented the Membership and Treasury report. Attached is a copy of the financial statement as presented. The balance stated on the financial report does not include any expenses incurred for the 1990-91 reunion. Charles Higdon moved that the financial report be approved as presented. Dain Higon seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Frank Higdon presented a book of genealogy titled “Colonial Higdons And Some Of Their Descendents”. Contacted the author of the book for reprint permission and costs of additional copies.

Opal Willis presented information on a genealogy book she published and amendments to the book. She indicated that no additional reprints would be made.

Jean Higdon presented nominations for the 1991-1992 Officers. Nominations were as follows:

Frances Higdon Smith, President

Wanda Higdon Jackson, First Vice President

James Walter, Second Vice President

Charles P. Higdon, Third Vice President

Regina Washburn, Secretary

Frank B. Higdon, Treasurer

Opal Willis, Director (two year term)

W. Dain Higdon, Director (one year term)

Eva Higdon Wood, Director (one year term)

Jo Ann Smith, Director (two year term)

Helen H. Allison, Historian

Vacant. Editor, Higdon Family Newsletter

With the exception of Secretary, Regina Washburn and Director Jo Ann Smith all nominations were moved, seconded and carried. Regina Washburn and Jo Ann Smith were not present to accept the nomination.

Acting President, Frances Higdon Smith, indicated that Jo Ann Smith was resigning as Editor of the Higdon Family Newsletter and we needed a volunteer to replace her. It was suggested that we publish an article in the Newsletter asking for volunteers. Jo Ann was commended for her 19 years of dedicated service.

Happy Birthday was sung to James E. Higdon, immediate past President, who celebrated his 75th birthday.

A special thanks was given to committee members of the 1990-91 Higdon Family Reunion for their outstanding efforts and group participation.

Frances Higdon Smith provided information on the 1991-92 Higdon Family Reunion. It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved that the location to be in Pensacola, Florida, with a confirmed date in October to be announced in the HFA Newsletter.

Wanda Higdon Jackson, Second Vice-President, presented ideas and locations for the 1992-93 Higdon Family Reunion. The location discussed was Vicksburg, Mississippi. Tours might include sites of the civil war. Wanda asked that if anyone knows of family members who fought in the Civil War to provide her with the information. They would like to do some research prior to the reunion.

Acting President Frances Higdon Smith adjourned the meeting at 10:55 a .m. 

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