1992 Pensacola, FL

Minutes of the 1992 HFA Business Meeting

October 24, 1992

Pensacola, Florida

The Annual Meeting of the Higdon Family Association,Inc. was called to order at 9:35 a.m. October 24, 1992, in the Grand Central Station Room of the Pensacola Hilton in Pensacola, Florida, by the President Frances Higdon Smith.

Following prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag was led by Regina Higdon Washburn. Mrs. Smith recognized our member from Canada and displayed a Canadian flag.

Regina H. Washburn, secretary, read the Minutes of the Annual Meeting, June21 ,1991, and they were approved. Correspondence was read. The Treasurer, Frank B. Higdon, gave his report of $9061.11 in the treasury. This report will be filed. Frank Higdon reported a total membership of 146. He stated that twenty- four members need to send current dues.

Charles E. Higdon reported on the Constitution. Corrections have been made and those copies will be made available to the members requesting them.

Jo Ann reported that Rosemary Dawood will not be able to edit the HFA Newsletter. The committee will continue to search for an Editor. They will meet immediately after the annual meeting.

The Secretary read the minutes of Executive Board of October 23,1992, and they were approved as read.

Linda H. Moureaux gave the nominating committee report. Dain Higdon moved that the slate of officers be accepted. Frank Higdon seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Frances H. Smith reported that seventy-three (73) people had registered for the meeting and that sixty -four (64) were in attendance at the Business Meeting.

The recommendation from the Executive Committee to advance funds to Mrs. Coone to complete the revision of her book, “Colonial Higdons and Some of Their Descendants” was brought before the group. During discussion Frank Higdon reported on his visit with Mrs. Coone. He will be in regular contact with her until the book is completed. The association would have the rights to the book in the event she was not able to complete her work. The recommendation passed unanimously.

Helen Allison, Historian, requested pictures or written material be sent to her to keep our history updated.

President Smith appointed Jo Ann Smith to be a Lifetime Honorary Director of the Association.

Opal Willis gave Jo Ann permission to update her book.

NEW BUSINESS: An invitation to attend the 100th celebration of the Major William Huffman Higdons of Macon County in North Carolina in September 1993, was given. After discussion, the body voted to meet in Western, North Carolina, September 9-12, 1993. The meeting place will be decided by the committee. The group gave permission to change plans as necessary.

Linda Moreaux suggested that telephone numbers be updated. A list was started at the meeting for names and numbers. Frank Higdon requested all information be completed on registration forms.

The Time of Remembrance was led by Jim Higdon who gave a tribute to Ethel Higdon. Helen Allison then lit a candle to remember these who have passed away this year. She read a poem appropriate for the occasion.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Charles Higdon told that a Higdon Education Trust Fund had been established honoring Bonnie Higdon Reeves at Truitt McConnell College in Georgia. Rachel Higdon stated that a Historical Room on Higdons had been set up in the school.

Shelby Smith asked those going on the 2:00 PM tour, to be at the front of the hotel at ten minutes til and those going on the 3:30 PM tour, to be ready at 3:20.

The New Board will meet at 5:30 PM in the lobby.

The Banquet will begin at 7:00 PM in the ABC Ballroom.

Worship Service will be held in the Union Station Room Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Regina Higdon Washburn


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