1996 Sacamento CA

Minutes of the 1990 HFA Business Meeting

November 2, 1996
Sacramento, California

I. Meeting called to order at 9:12 am by President, Gale Tyrrell

II. Dain Higdon opened the meeting with prayer.

III. The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America Flag was recited. The flag was held by Rachelle Anders (granddaughter of Gale Tyrrell). A moment of silence was offered in honor of the Canadian Flag, also held by Rachelle Anders.

IV. Reading of last years minutes by Secretary, Tammy Anders. Charles Higdon questions the report. The following budget was presented:

$3,037 Balance as of August 31,1995 $2,991 Balance as of October 31,1996

The motion was made that the treasury report is accurate. Dain Higdon seconds the motion and Gale Tyrrell declares that the treasury report will stand as stated.

V. Higdon Family Association Scholarship is presented by Charles Higdon.

A. Frank Higdon and Charles Higdon have been working together on this project and have come to this conclusion thus far:

  1. The Higdon Family Association needs to set up a Foundation that is tax exempt.
  2. The scholarship fund needs to be separate from the Association’s funds and possess its own set of documents and tax files. Charles Higdon states that we could set the scholarship up for Higdon descendents. Eva Wood says “You can’t take dues for scholarships legally.” Charles replies “They must be gifts and pledges to the Foundation, having it set up that way to which it can receive money as a form of charitable donation.”
  3. The Higdon Family Association can set up a Foundation and use it for the purpose of granting scholarships to deserving students.

It is noted that the Association may move money and put it in the Foundation by voting on it. Helen Allison requests putting this information in the newsletter so people can give to the Foundation. Mildred Whitford asks about the amount of the scholarship. Charles Higdon replies “He doesn’t know yet.” There are inquiries about the time table for this project and what we’ve done since last year. Bernice Higdon states that in 1989 a scholarship was set up in Yuba City, California in the Higdon name.

VI. The Membership Report is presented by Eva Wood.

Eva apologizes that she has no report. She knows that it is currently 203 members which is an increase from last year. Frank Higdon sent an updated list to Charles Higdon which was being circulated in the room. Dain Higdon asks if we could send only one newsletter to the household if the husband and wife are both members instead of sending each of them one.

Eva requested new application forms which included a space for phone numbers and agreed with Dain to put husbands and wives together. Jean Higdon mentions that we need to include spouses first name on the list so we know who they are and who they belong to. Jean also thought putting where we are from and our next of kin would be good to put on the name tags at the next meeting.

Eva comments whoever is membership chair can take these ideas down.

VII. The Historian Report is presented by Helen Allison.

  • A. Helen thanks all those who have sent pictures. Helen says, “The historian book is dependent on each of us, kind of like a history scrapbook.” She was unable to bring all the information on the airplane. Helen promises to drive to the next Higdon Family Reunion so she can bring all the information in her car.
  • B. Helen suggests having a sharing table. Each of the items could have the owner’s name on it, then put it out so people can browse.

VIII. The Nominating Commitee reports; Eva Wood representing them.

  • A. The Nominating Commitee is made up of Jessie Wilkie, Jim Higdon and Eva Wood.
  • B. Eva presented slate of officers for 1996-97:

President:  Walter C. Higdon

1st Vice President:  Barbara Higdon

2nd Vice President:  A. Eugene Smith

3rd Vice President:  Ethel Higdon Currie

Secretary:  W. Dain Higdon

Treasurer:  Frank B. Higdon

One Year Directors:  Lisa Louise Atkins, Judith Ann Higdon

Two Year Directors:  Jessie Higdon WiIkie, William R. Higdon Jr.

C. The motion is made by Dain Higdon to accept the 1996-97 officers. Jim Higdon 2nd’s the motion. The officers are accepted by acclamation.

IX. Necrology Report read by Jeri Tyrrell in absence of Winnie Higdon.

  • A. Jeri reads the report as candles are lit and a reading written by Helen Steiner Rice is read.
  • B. A scripture reading from the Gospel of St. John was shared. Heads were bowed in a moment of silence for our loved ones
  • C. Gale Tyrrell mentions that last year the committee decided to announce new births, and we need to put them in the newsletter. New births: Bryce Joerger, great-grandson of Carl and Emma Joe Higdon.

X. Unifinished Business presented by Gale Tyrrell

A. Reimbursement of money because of the date change of the reunion.

  1. The issue is brought up that many relatives lost money from the airlines, since the date was changed. Charles asks, who lost money? Jessie Wilkie, Eva Wood and Jim Higdon raise their hands.
  2. 2. Charles Higdon moves to authorize the reimbursement to the latter three members and asks for them to send the amount to Frank Higdon for reimbursement. Bill 2nd’s the the motion, all are in favor. Eva Wood thanks everyone.

B. Selling of names to Hal Higdon

  1. Hal Higdon is a writer and wrote Falconara: A Family Odyssey. He has sent a letter with a request to have the member names and addresses sent to him.
  2. In correspondence Gale Tyrrell received a letter to see if we would be willing to sell our mailing list. Gale says he wants to have the member names for all books, not just this one.
  3. Helen Allison mentions that we may lose our tax exemption status if we sell the list.
  4. Dain Higdon can’t see us authorizing it and makes a motion to not share or sell our mailing list to Hal Higdon. The motion is seconded, all are in favor, none are opposed.
  5. It is agreed that it will be put in the newsletter about Hal Higdon and his book, Falconara: A Family Odyssey, and people may inquire about the book from him thereafter.

C. Newsletter Editor Job

  1. Carl Higdon asks about the newsletter and who is willing to take the job.
  2. There is concern that it is hard to get the newsletter printed and sent every month, as it takes 25 hours to make the newsletter.
  3. Members discuss the advantages and disadvantages of quarterly mailings and mailings every two months.
  4. Mary Ann Nickell is for quarterly newsletters to ensure a good quality newsletter.
  5. Ethel Currie moves that the newsletter is published quarterly, Emma Joe Higdon 2nd’s it, all are in favor.
  6. Mary Ann Nickell volunteers to be editor of the newsletter and will be responsible for quarterly publication.

XI. Announcements for Next Year

  • A. Gale Tyrrell announces in the absence of Walter Higdon next years tentative date for the Higdon Family Meeting., June 26, 27and 28 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee
  • B. Nina Vaughn is helping Walter Higdon as needed.

XII. By-Law 5

  • A. Term of office needs to be clarified.
  • B. It is recommended the two year director position alternate and eliminate the one year director position. The motion is made for this with the added amendment of every year electing two year directors. Eva Wood 2nd’s it. Three people oppose it.
  • C. Tammy Anders reads the amended version.
  • D. Charles Higdon reads in the constitution how to make amendments to the bylaws and we find out we cannot do it this way. Eva Wood needs to publicize it in the newsletter to make it legal. Therefore, let it be known next year we can vote on it.
  • E. With this new finding, the amendment is nullified.

XIII. Last Notes

  • A. Members not present
    1. Jean Higdon gives an update on Opal and ClarenceWillis. Clarence fell and is in the hospital and that Opal and Clarence have moved close to their daughters.
    2. Update on Vema Roberts, she has also moved and has a heart condition but she is doing better. Her daughter has a new job as a pastor of a church.
    3. Gale Tyrrell recounts several letters she has received from other members who could not be here. They sent their regrets for various reasons and wished us all well.
    4. Helen Allison asks who the oldest member is and thinks it would be a good idea to send her a card.

B. Past Presidents Serving Again

  1. Eva Wood inquires about this. Charles Higdon read from the constitution that “a president may not succeed himself.”

C. Plaques for Past President
An update is needed of who has or has not received one. The plaque is given to the new president by the past president. For example: Charles to Wanda, Wanda to Gale, Gale to Walter.

D. Coat of Arms for Sale Jessie WiIkie has the Higdon coat of arms for sale for $3.50.

Jean Higdon wants to go on record showing her appreciation to Gale and all the folks for all their hard work.

Meeting adjourned by Gale Tyrrell at 10:47 am. 

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