1997 Nashville, TN

Minutes of the 1990 HFA Business Meeting

July 12, 1997
Nashville, Tennessee


The annual meeting of the Higdon Family Association was called to order by President Wally Higdon at 9:10 a.m., after which he gave the Invocation. Charles E. Higdon led the assemblage in the Pledge to the American Flag. A moment of silence in honor of the Canadian flag followed, out of respect for the missing Canadian Higdon members.


W. Dain Higdon read the minutes from the last meeting, which was held in Sacramento, CA, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 1996. Charles Higdon recommended an “E.” be put in his name throughout the minutes. Charles P. Higdon made a motion the minutes be accepted as amended. The motion passed.


Frank Higdon gave the Treasurer’s Report. On October 31, 1996 cash in the account amounted to $2991.00. The receipts of dues totaled $880.00, while receipts from the 1996 Annual meeting were a loss of $338.00, leaving $542.00 being deposited for dues. This brought the account to $3533.00. The expenses for the year-to-date were $64.00 for postage, $100.00 for travel and reimbursement, and $347.00 for the newsletter for a total of $511.00 in expenses. As of June 30, 1997 the cash in the account totaled $3022.00

The financial report of the 1996 Annual meeting is as follows:



51 adults @ $35.00


7 children @ $12.00


Donation of $35.00







Entertainment (band)


Telephone call to Frank Higdon



Name tags


Printing of program


Reception, Friday evening

Coffee/tea from Hotel




Cheese Tray




Veggie/dip, salsa/chips






Reimbursed to Gale Tyrrell


The point was made that phone number with area codes and zip codes with the full 9 numbers was needed for every member for the mailing of the newsletter to obtain bulk mailing rate.

The proposal of an initiation fee to pay for cost of paperwork and mailings was made for consideration by the membership. After a lengthy discussion, Charles E. Higdon made a motion that dues and entry fee be discussed by the board. The motion was seconded and passed.

A motion was made, seconded and passed that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.


Jo Ann Smith asked for and was given permission to make some comments. She asked the membership to recognize Frank Higdon for his service to the organization as both a Treasurer and as an advisor from the first meeting. President Wally Higdon indicated that Jo Ann Smith be included in that recognition for all her work for the association also.

President Wally read a letter of regret from Carol Higdon Tyrrell, as she could not attend the meeting. Helen Higdon Allison stated that Ethel Currie of Canada could not come because she fell and injured her hip. Helen stated that Mrs. Currie hopes to attend next year in San Antonio. Charles E. Higdon reported Mildred and Walt Whitford were unable to attend.

Jean Higdon wanted to commend Mary Ann Nickell for the production of the newsletter. Jean wanted the membership to know of the excellent job that Mary Ann Nickell had done this past year as well as the job she did on the minutes from the last meeting.



A motion by Jo Ann Smith was made concerning the election of Board of Directors and their service. After a discussion by the membership, Charles E. Higdon proposed that the topic be deferred to the Board for further consideration. At which point, Jo Ann Smith withdrew her motion. Charles E. Higdon read the By-Laws regarding membership of the Board of Directors as they are now in affect. The motion to change the By-Laws was voted and failed.


The membership committee reported that as of Oct. 31, 1996 there were 204 members, but as of June 30, 1997, there were 207 members.


Helen Allison ask that each one attending the meeting give the Secretary the name of anyone of the membership who had passed away in the last year. The necrology report will be given in full at the evening banquet.


The nominating committee report was given by Chairman Gale Tyrrell. The nominating committee proposed the following officers for the next year:


Barbara Higdon

1st Vice President

Eugene Smith

2nd Vice President

Ethel Higdon Currie

3rd Vice President

Bill Higdon


W. Dain Higdon


Frank B. Higdon

1-year Director

Jessie Higdon Wilkie

William R. Higdon

2-year Director

Teresa R. Atkins

Eva Wood

Janice J. Higdon made a motion to accept the report of the nominating committee. L. Frank Higdon seconded the motion and the membership voted, motion carried.


Frank B. Higdon stated that he had made a couple of attempts to get someone to pick up the book belonging to Mrs. Coone about the Higdons, but that her heirs would not give the book to anybody but Frank B. Higdon. Frank indicated that he would make a special trip to pick up the book in the near future.

Charles E. Higdon made the motion that the Association delay the Higdon Foundation concept until next year. Frank Higdon seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Charles E. Higdon, Frank B. Higdon, and Helen Higdon Allison were nominated by W. Dain Higdon to serve as a committee to establish a tax-exempt status and report back to the membership at the next meeting.

Frank B. Higdon moved that the committee have the Foundation established by next year at the San Antonio 1998 meeting. Judy Higdon seconded the motion, which was voted on and passed.


Barbara Higdon stated that the meeting next year will be held in San Antonio. The date of the meeting will be announced in the newsletter, but that the meeting will be held in the summer.

Frank B. Higdon suggested that we recognize the Carl Higdon family who came from San Jose, CA, as the ones who came the farthest distance to attend our meeting.

Jo Ann Smith moved that in the year 2000, the meeting be held in Pensacola, FL. The motion was seconded and carried.

Bardstown, KY will be the site of the 1999 Annual meeting. Eva Wood proposed that the Association meet one year (1998) in the summer months and then the next year (1999) in the Fall months. It was pointed out that the meetings held in the Fall had greater attendance. The point was made that members with little children had an easier time of attending in the summer months. Discussion followed. A vote was taken and the motion was defeated.


Judy Higdon announced the need for drivers with cars for the trip to the Hermitage. Several people offered to drive their cars. Since a caravan was indicated, directions for meeting in the lobby and how to follow the route to the Hermitage were given.


President Wally Higdon adjourned the 1997 business meeting of the Higdon Family Association, Inc. at 11:00 a.m. CDT.   

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