2001 Tulsa, OK

Minutes of the 2001 HFA Meeting

October 13, 2001
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The 2001 General Meeting was called to order by President Paul Brown at 9:00 AM October 13, 2001.

The invocation was given by Dr. Shelby Smith.

The pledge to the flag was led by Ernest Higdon.

The current officers were introduced and included the following:

President Paul Brown

1st Vice President L. Frank Higdon

2nd Vice President Ernest Higdon

3rd Vice President Nina Ruth Higdon Vaughan

Secretary Janice M. Higdon (not present)

Treasurer Charles P. Higdon

1-year Directors:

Janice J. Higdon

Cheryl Higdon (not present)

2-year Directors:

Gale Tyrrell

Lisa Atkins (not present)

Parliamentarian William “Bill” Higdon (not present)

Historian Helen Higdon Allison

Newsletter Editor Janice J. Higdon

Honorary Directors:

Jo Ann Smith

Frank B. Higdon (not present)

The minutes of the 2000 General Meeting were read by Paul Brown.

Officer and Committee Reports were requested.


Treasurer report was given by Charles P. Higdon. Charles reported that there were 79 current members that had not paid dues and were delinquent. Notices will be sent to these members that are delinquent. A motion was made by Charles P. Higdon with a second from Paul Brown and approved that members given dues notices will be delinquent June 30th the following year and dropped as a member. Current members that are delinquent June 30, 2002 will be notified and given one month to pay delinquent dues before being dropped from the roll.

It was agreed that the Scholarship Committee would not award scholarships until the fund balance reaches $10,000. The treasurer will notify the Scholarship Committee when the Scholarship fund reaches $10,000. A motion was made by Eva Higdon Wood with a second from Helen Higdon Allison that the general fund balances exceeding $5,000, after expense obligations are met for the current year, would be transferred to the Scholarship Fund. The motion was passed.

Helen Higdon Allison made a motion with a second and approved that the names of delinquent members be acknowledged in the Newsletter and the Newsletter terminated after one-year delinquency.


The Historian Helen Higdon Allison said that she would be resigning this year as the Historian. Helen said she would assist the new Historian during 2002 until the new Historian is trained. All officers and members attending the meeting sincerely expressed their gratitude to Helen for so many years of outstanding service as the Historian. This followed with a standing ovation by all association members.

Charles E. Higdon recommended that the Higdon Family Association information should be archived at a university. Eva Wood and Jo Ann Smith will check with various eastern universities for the possibility of archiving the Higdon information.

Nomination Committee

Charles E. Higdon presented the committee’s nominations. Nominations were as follows: David Mudd 3rd Vice-President, Carol Tyrrell and Leoma Morris as 2 year Directors. Nina Ruth Vaughan made a motion to accept these nominees, second by Eva Wood and the motion passed.


Paul Brown presented the registration information. The total registered members for the meeting were 31. There were an additional nine attendees at the banquet that were relatives of members.

Membership Committee

It was reported that three new members joined as a result of the Higdon Family Association web page.


Charles P. Higdon presented changes to the Higdon Family Association Constitution and Bylaws. Joyce Higdon made a motion that the changes be approved with a second from Eva Wood. The motion was approved.

Recruiting new members - Eva Wood recommended that information be prepared about the Higdon Family Association for presentation to prospective new members. The information should include the purpose and plans for the association. The information should also be provided on the HFA web page.

2002 Meeting locations - L. Frank Higdon reported on possible locations for 2002. Charleston was studied and determined to be quite expensive. Frank indicated he was close to presenting Chattanooga as the primary choice. Helen Allison suggested Myrtle Beach as a possible location. Several comments from the floor indicated they would prefer a location that would provide easy travel. A date of mid-October was recommended.

The new Board will meet shortly after the general meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.

(Editor's note: The minutes were read and approved by the membership on October 19, 2002 at the business meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.) 

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