2008 Williamsburg, VA

Minutes of the 1990 HFA Business Meeting

Saturday, October 11, 2008 

Williamsburg, VA

President Janice M. Higdon called the meeting to order. Martha Tidwell led the pledge to the American flag. Shelby Smith led the group in prayer.

Janice J. Higdon read the minutes from the 2007 meeting. There were no corrections so the minutes were approved as read by unanimous motion of the membership.

Carolyn Cole read the Treasurer?s Report. Nancy Higdon made the motion to accept the report. Charles P. Higdon seconded. The report was unanimously approved.

William ?Bill? R. Higdon gave the Scholarship report. Four $1000 scholarships were awarded earlier this year. Three had been planned but one scholarship was from the previous year was not used. Three $1000 scholarships plan to be awarded in 2009. Janice M. Higdon proposed that the amount to be awarded each year be limited to the interest earned on CD?s in order to keep the amount in the fund at $100,000. Bill talked about the benefits of a charitable remainder trust.

Janice J. Higdon is in the process of scanning the meeting scrapbooks to CD?s for archival at Western Carolina University. Randy Cole still has CD?s available of past newsletters.

Membership currently stands at 94, including 8 new members. The Board voted to drop members who have not paid dues for 2 consecutive years.

Eugene Smith asked if a scholarship sponsor has to be a member. Janice M.? said yes and read the requirements for applicants. She added that previous scholarship recipients are eligible to apply again if they are in good academic standing. Scholarship funds are sent directly to the school. It was noted that all recipients have sent thank you notes and that some have reapplied.

Nominations for 2009 officers are as follows: President: Barbara Tedford 1st Vice President: Nan Harrison 2nd Vice President: Martha Tidwell 3rd Vice President: Jim Kelly 1-Year Directors: Bill Higdon Jane Brackett 2-Year Directors: Randy Cole Janice J. Higdon Secretary: Paul Brown Treasurer: Carolyn Cole Parliamentarian: Janice M. Higdon Historian: Eugene Smith Necrologist: Frances H. Smith Newsletter Editor: Barbara Tedford Technologist: Janice J. Higdon

Martha Tidwell made a motion to accept the nominations. Charles P. Higdon seconded. All present approved. The new officers will be installed later today at the banquet.

Frances H. Smith noted that 6 Higdons had passed away this year. Eugene Smith knew of 9 more.

Motion made by Charles P. Higdon that the Treasurer?s report be audited

Meeting adjourned.

Jane Brackett  

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