2009 Elkins, WV

Minutes of the 2009 HFA Business Meeting

August 8, 2009

Elkins, West Virginia

The Business Meeting of the Higdon Family Association was called to order at 9:31 AM by President, Barbara Tedford. The Invocation was led by Eva Wood, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Barbara Tedford.

Eva Wood moved to dispense with a reading of the minutes from last year?s meeting, since they are available on line and in the meeting packet. Bill Higdon seconded. The motion passed. Carolyn Cole read the Treasurer?s report as of close of business, June 30, 2009. The Association has a General Fund balance of $15, 199.35, a Scholarship fund balance of $107,252.32, and an Archive fund balance of $10,020.56. Charles P. Higdon moved to transfer the 5-year CD in his name to Carolyn Cole when it matures this year. Janice J. Higdon seconded. The motion passed. Bill Higdon moved to accept the Treasurer?s report. Janice J. Higdon seconded. The motion passed. Barbara Tedford introduced visitor Delores Elliot, guest of Eva Wood. Barbara next read a report from Jane Higdon Brackett regarding the Appalachian Mountain Regional Campus Council, Inc. Randy Cole asked for a round of applause for Barbara Tedford as Newsletter Editor. All agreed heartily. Frances Higdon Smith asked for any names of members or other family who passed away this year so they can be included in the Necrology ceremony at the evening banquet.

Randy Cole asked for a round of applause for Janice J. Higdon as web site host. Again, the membership agreed heartily.

Janice M. Higdon read the slate of nominees for office for the 2009-2010 year. The nominees are as follows: President: Nan Higdon Harrison, Kalamazoo, MI 1st Vice President: Martha Higdon Tidwell, Plano, TX 2nd Vice President: Frances Higdon Smith, Greensboro, AL 3rd Vice President: Blank 1-year Directors: Randy Cole, Highland Park, TX Janice J. Higdon, San Antonio, TX 2-years Directors: Eva Higdon Wood, Andrews, NC William T. Higdon, Lamoni, IA Honorary Director: JoAnn Smith, Knightdale, NC Secretary: Janice M. Higdon, Moon, VA Treasurer: Carolyn Cole, Highland Park, TX Parliamentarian: Barbara Tedford, Elkins, WV Historian: Eugene Smith, Leitchfield, KY Necrologist: Frances Higdon Smith, Greensboro, AL Newsletter Editor: Barbara Tedford, Elkins, WV Technologist: Janice J. Higdon, San Antonio, TX There being no nominations from the floor, Charles P. Higdon moved to accept the nominations for office. Bill Higdon seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Bill Higdon reported on the Scholarship Committee. Two scholarships will be awarded for the coming academic year. They are: $1,000 to Wesley Adam Smith, sponsored by Eugene Smith $1,000 to Sarah Elizabeth Jones, sponsored by Julia Higdon McCartha Eva Wood gave a report on her two grandchildren, Matt and Meredith, who received scholarships in past years. She further asked that information on scholarship applications be published in the November and January issues of the HFA Newsletter to remind members of the requirements.


Eva Wood gave a history of Western Carolina University, the proposed repository for the HFA archives. Eva then moved that we submit the HFA archives to Western Carolina University. Frances H. Smith seconded. The motion passed.

Carolyn Cole asked about an amount to donate to the Special Collections department of Western Carolina. Bill Higdon moved to send $1,000 from the Archive Fund. Eugene Smith seconded. The motion passed. Randy Cole moved that the Association provide complementary copies of current and future HFA Newsletters to Western Carolina University. Frances H. Smith seconded. The motion passed.

Janice J. Higdon reported that progress on the HFA scrapbook scanning project has been slow, but should accelerate now that she is retired. Barbara Tedford will store the scrapbooks and ship them to Janice in small lots, as needed. In light of the decision to house HFA archives at Western Carolina, Janice will forward scanned scrapbooks to Eva Wood, who will deliver them to the University. All costs of storage and shipment will be paid from the Archive Fund.


Following discussion of the best ways to comply with the bequest of the late Charles E. Higdon, it was agreed that all costs of securing reprint permissions, reprinting books, scanning and/or reproducing materials, and any other tasks related to the preservation of the HFA Archives will be borne from the Archive Fund.

Charles P. Higdon moved that the Association review every year the status of the Archive Fund, and at some point move residual monies into the Scholarship Fund. Frances H. Smith seconded. The motion passed.

Janice J. Higdon moved that people assigned by next year?s President, Nan Harrison, contact the following people to see if we can get reprint rights for their books: Jessie Wilkie, Opal Willis, Lucille Coon (via Frank B. Higdon or his daughter Cheryl), Gina Theiss and JoAnn Smith.

Eva Wood seconded. The motion passed.

Karen Nave Fickes volunteered to secure proper forms for reprint rights.

Nan Harrison gave information on next year?s meeting in Kalamazoo, MI. The meeting will be held at the Radisson Hotel on August 19 ? 22, 2010.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Janice M. Higdon

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