2010 Kalamazoo, MI

Minutes of the 2010 HFA Business Meeting 

July 31, 2010

Kalamazoo, MI

The Higdon Family Association business meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President, Nan Harrison. Eva Wood led the invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Nan. 

Nan Harrison thanked everyone for coming. She noted that special recognition should be given to the following: Janice J. Higdon for maintaining and updating the HFA web site, and Barbara Tedford for editing and publishing the newsletter. A round of applause in appreciation was given to each. She also recognised Sally Swain for hosting the meeting Hospitality Room, and her grandchildren, Forrest and Sarah Long for helping with the "goody" bags. Nan then reviewed the Saturday activities planned for the reunion attendees.

The minutes form the 2009 meeting in Elkins, WV were read by Martha Tidwell. Sally Swain moved that the minutes be accepted. Bill Bautz seconded the motion. The motion passed. 

Janice J. Higdon gave an update on the Higdon archives that are being stored at Western Carolina University. She has completed scanning 5 of the 7 scrapbooks. Four of the seven are at Western Carolina, and the fifth will be taken there next week. Eugene Smith said that one more book will be ready by next year. 

Carolyn Cole read the Treasurer's report. As of the close of business, June 30, 2010, the Association has a General Fund balance of $13,105.03, a Scholarship Fund balance of $105,533.73, and an Archive Fund balance of $9,139.70. Janice J. Higdon moved to accept the report. Eva Wood seconded the motion. A discussion followed concerning what was in the archives and the cost to keep at WCU. The archives contain information from meetings, newsletters, correspondence and pictures since 1975, and WCU does not charge for storing it. Motion passed unanimously. 

Barbara Tedford read names of HFA members and other relatives who had died in the past year. Nan asked that we all observe a moment of silence to honor those who have gone before us.

Carolyn Cole read the membership report. As of June 30, 2010, there are 95 members, including 4 new members. Eighty members are current with paid dues; 15 members are not. Ten members were removed from membership due to death, by request or non-renewal for 2 successive years. Nan Harrison stressed the importance of attracting new members to the association. She felt the best way was by word of mouth and encouragement. Various members made suggestions such as facebook, ancestry.com, and local newspaper articels with contact information.

Nan Harrison read the slate of nominees for office for the 2010-2011 year. The nominees area as follows:

President: Martha Higdon Tidwell, Plano, TX;
1st Vice President: Frances Higdon Smith, Greensboro, AL;
2nd Vice President: Jane Higdon Brackett, Blue Ridge, GA;
3rd Vice President: (no nominee);
1 Year Director: William T. Higdon, Lamoi, IA;
1 Year Director: Eva Higdon Wood, Andrews, NC;
2 Year Director: Randy Cole, Higland Park, TX;
2 Year Director: Charles P. Higdon, Clinton, TN;
Honorary Director: Jo Ann Smith, Knightdale, NC;
Secretary: Janice M. Higdon, Moon, VA;
Treasurer: Carolyn G. Cole, Higland Park, TX;
Parliamentarian: Nan Harrison, Richland, MI;
Newsletter Editor: Barbara W. Tedford, Elkins, WV;
Historian: Eugene Smith, Leitchfield, KY;
Necrologist: Frances H. Smith, Greensboro, AL;
Technologist: Janice J. Higdon, San Antonio, TX;
Scholarship Chairman: William R. Higdon, Moon, VA.

There were nominations from the floor. Motion was made by Bill Bautz to accept the nominees as read for office. Motion seconded by Mike Lumma. Motion passed unanimously. The officers were installed as Charles P. Higdon led them in the oath of office.

Randy Cole informed the group that he has 6 or 7 copies of the newsletter CD's available. These are the last of the 50 he prepared which contain HFA newsletters through Septment 2007.

Martha Tidwell said that next year's meeting will be held in Fort Worth, TX sometime in October. Details will be in future HFA newsletters.

Eva Wood stated that her sister, Helen Allison, who turned 90 years old this year, regretted that she could not attend the meeting. She sends her regards.

Eugene Smith asked if the newsletter could be emailed because the pictures are in color and easier to see. They are in black and white in the printed version. Barbara Tedford responded that anyone who gives her his/her email address and requests it can receive it by email. Paper copies will still continued to be mailed.

New members, Carol Mercer and her sister, Sandy Gardner, were introduced to each member present.

A motion was made to adjourn by Nancy Higdon and seconded by Charles P. Higdon. Motion accepted and meeting adjourned.

Jane H. Brackett

Acting Secretary
(Due to absence of Secretary, Janice M. Higdon.)  

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