2012 St. Augustine, FL

Minutes of the HFA Business Meeting 

October 7, 2012

St. Augustine, FL 

(Subject to approval at the annual meeting in Blue Ridge, Georgia July 20, 2012)

The Higdon Family Association business meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM by President, Frances Higdon Smith. The Rev. Shelby smith led the invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Frances Smith. Frances welcomed everyone for attending and sent out a special welcome to new members, plus some existing members who have not attended for some time.

The minutes from the 2011 meeting in Fort Worth TX were read by Secretary Martha Higdon Tidwell, Jane Brackett moved to approve and Martha Tidwell seconded and the motion passed

Special mention regarding members not in attendance: Eva Woods sent her regrets that she could not attend as with her 'advancing years' and turning 90 years young, keeps her from travelingas she would like. Carol Tyrrell sent regrets due to the recent passing of her husband, Joseph Richard Tyrell, in June. Long time member and attendee, Eugene Smith, was also absent, do to a serious accident on July 10th. He was still recuperating. Randy and Carolyn Cole were notably absent as they are in the throes of building their new house in Blue Ridge GA. Charles P. and Nancy Higdon were also absent and sent their regrets. Charles is experiencing some severe back pain and is unable to travel. Lastly, Bill and Janice M. Higdon were not in attendance as Janice needed to take care of some personal matters regarding her parents.

Janice J. Higdon spoke about the progress on Eugene Smith's work in the most recent scrapbook for 2008-2010. Technologist, Janice J. reports that the web site is up and running and asked for any new input to use on the site. She recently finished the scanning of DVD's of the four completed scrapbooks from 1975-2010. Pictures, letters, incorporation year, many noted mentions about specific family members. DVD's are catalogues by year: Book 1, 1975-1984; Book 2, 1984 forward. DVD's were free to members, one per family, and were available to pick up during the meeting.

Shelby Smith gave a praise of gratitude to Janice J. for all the hard work that she has given to the web site and DVD's. A round of applause followed. Sally Higdon Swain suggested that we talk about WCU (Western Carolina University) and Charles E. Higdon and Bonnie Higdon. She stated that Eva Wood had contacted them to be a repository of Higdon materials. They currently have everything we have on the Higdons housed there. Books can be checked out for on-site research only. Frances Smith talked about her visits to WCU and encouraged all who can to try and visit

Newsletter Report: Barbara Tedford reported that the newsletter continues to appear bi-monthly. Average cost, $133.43. Newsletter is sent via e-mail along with 92 mailed copies. Barbara was, once again, thanked for her wonderful work with the newsletter.

Necrology Report: Barbara Tedford read names of HFA members and other relatives who had died in the past year. She asked that we all observe a meoment of silence to honor those who have gone before us. Shelby Smith performed a song "Find Us Faithful" in memory of those passing.

Treasurer Report: Martha Tidwell read the report furnished by Treasurer, Janice M. Higdon. At the close of business, June 20, 2012, the Association has a General Fund balance of $15,727.41; a Scholarship Fund balance of $115,009.55; and an Archive Fund of $2,611.91. Total funds in Chesapeake Bank - $133,328.87. A more detailed accounting was provided to all members present. Janice J. Higdon moved to approve, an dFrank Higdon seconded, an d the motion passed.

Membership: Frances Smith provided this information provided by Janice M. Higdon. 3 new 2012 members; 4 removed from membership rolls due to 2 years without payment; 3 Emeritus members - Joann Smith, Opal Willis and Helen Allison. HFA has 67 current members with 18 members who had not renewed for 2012 at that current time. Once again, discussion followed that we need to try and encourage our younger family members to considering joing and attending the annual meetings.

Scholarship Award: Information from Chairman, Bill Higdon, indicated that all five applicants came highly recommended. First recipient is Amber Smith of Leitchfield KY (granddaughter of Eugene Smith), who plans to attend Eastern Kentucky University in the Fall. Second recipient was Cody Lee Sluder of Ashville, North Carolina (grandmother, June Higdon Sluder), who will attend the University of North Carolina. Both will receive awards of $1000.00 each. Special mention was given to the "Treasure Chest" - this is a special place to contribute monies and special gifts for scholarships. Results of a special silent auction will be announced during the banquet. Barbara Higdon contributed a beautiful leaded glass church with candle and some interesting handmade bags. Other auction items will appear and can be bid upon before the banquet. Monies made during this auction will go to the scholarship fund. A reminder was given that all scholarship applications are due by March 31, 2013 to Bill Higdon.

Resolution: Shelby Smith wanted to again, give special recognition to both Janice J. Higdon and Barbara Tedfor for their many housrs and time given to the HFA. A round of applause followed.

Nominated Slate of New Officers: Martha Tidwell read the slate of nominees for office for the 2012-2013 year. The nominees are as follows:

President - Jane H. Brackett, Blue Ridge, GA;
1st Vice President - Karen Nave Fickes, Bethesda, MD:
2nd Vice President - Kristin Nave Yokoyama, Redondo Beach, CA;
3rd Vice President - L. Frank and Barbara Higdon, Rockport, TX
2-Year Directors - Paul E. Brown, Tulsa, OK, and Charles A. "Chuck" Higdon, Toms River, NJ;
1-Year Directors - Carolyn G. Cole, Blued Ridge, GA and Nan Harrison,
Honorary Director - Jo Ann Smith, Raleigh, NC;
Secretary - Martha H. Tidwell, Plano, TX;
Treasurer - Janice M. Higdon, Moon, VA;
Nominations Chair and Parliamentarian - Frances H. Smith, Greensboro, AL (committee Martha H. Tidwell, Nan Harrison);
Newsletter Editor - Barbara W. Tedford, Elkins, WV;
Historian - Eugene Smith, Leitchfield, KY;
Technologist - Janice J. Higdon, San Antonio, TX;
Scholarship Chairman - William R. (Bill) Higdon, Moon, VA (committee members, Charles P. Higdon, Clinton, TN and Sally H. Swain, Lebanon, TN).

There being no additional nominations from the floor, motion was made by Nan Harrison to accept the nominees for office as read. Motion seconded by Shelby Smith. Motion passed unanimously.

Incoming President, Jane Brackett, is strongly considering holding the 2013 HFA meeting in mid-July. Jane, also, passed out surveys an dbrchures to gain information of interest. Martha Tidwell suggested that this be included in the newsletter. Nan Harrison, also, suggested that we send out a postcard to 'save the date.'

New Business: Frances Smith had received an e-mail from Mark Guidry regarding a desk that Frank B. Higdon had given him. Mark had worked with Frank for 20 years, lives in Atlanta, GA and was wondering is anyone in the Higdon family wanted this desk. Inquiries can be made to: msguidry@bellsouth.net.

2012 Meeting - small but mighty attendance - 25 members registered but only 21 attended. Small attendance was primarily due to the many illnesses, accidents, etc. Frances and others are hopeful that attendance will pick up for the 2013 meeting in Blue Ridge, GA. Frances announced that the banquet will be held in the hotel this evening (Saturday) at 7:00 PM. New officers will be installed during the banquet. With no further business, Janice J. Higdon moved to adjourn and Frank Higdon seconded, motion passes, the meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectively submitted

Martha H. Tidwell


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