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In 2015, our HFA website was reformatted with a switch to content-based web management software. This software allows web designers to add, position, shift, and link content without writing any web code. Long-term this will make website maintenance and updating much easier for our HFA.

In addition we are testing a navigation sidebar (at left) that is fixed in the same spot in the upper left corner of each web page. To navigate around the website, use the links in darker blue to go from area to area. We are also testing a fixed screen width of no more than 14.5 inches wide. Smaller screens may cause the website to display thinner pages, but larger screens will not cause the website to display larger pages.

Please note that the website categories of Newsletter, Books, Photo Gallery, and Documents Collection are where the vast bulk of specific Higdon genealogical information is located

The Photo Gallery deals with images and commentary on those images, either explaining what the image was intended for and/or listing the various people in the image, and so on. This Photo Gallery is image-centered

The Documents Collection is different, even though many documents are accompanied by a photo image. The Documents Collection is text centered. The Documents Collection consists of:

Biographies - brief life summaries of living people

Genealogies - descent listings of many different lineages of Higdon descendants, some in standard genealogical form, others in narrative

Help Requests - various individual requests for help based on a wide array of contacts

Memorials - action taken to honor a beloved relative

Obituaries - brief life summaries of those who have died

Records - Legal, Church, and so on … - usually forms filled out in connection with legal actions, church ceremonies, so on, and/or snippets of information from church family registrations

Stories - a wide range of stories involving Higdons, or their descendants, usually in unusual situations

As you peruse our HFA Website, if you notice any problems, errors, or other issues, please email web guy Frank Mayfield at frank@black-sweater-art.com to report these issues. If you don’t advise us of our website difficulties, we can’t fix whatever needs ‘fixin’ for the next researcher. Thanks.

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Please email our web guy Frank Mayfield at frank@black-sweater-art.com to report any problems, errors, or other issues, that you come across on this website. Thanks.