Higdon, Caswell (b.1886) - Hunting Party in Macon County, North Carolina

Jack Moore sent this postcard print of Major Higdon, Caswell Higdon, and William Rowland Higdon. Jack believes the photograph was taken in Macon County, North Carolina, around 1905 when Major Higdon was a teenager. William Rowland "Bill" Higdon is Jack's grandfather. Jack spent the summer of 1958 on his Grandpa Bill's dairy farm, which gave him time to get to know Major Higdon. Major was probably one of the oldest members attending the Higdonville Baptist Church. He lived just down the hill from the church and attended regularly.   

Higdon Hunting Party

From left: Major Higdon (b. February 17, 1890, d. November 26, 1973), unknown, unknown, Caswell J. Higdon (b. June 21, 1886, d. July 18, 1934), and William Rowland "Bill" Higdon (b. January 20, 1883, d. August 01, 1967)

Jack never knew his grandfather to be a hunter. Bill was a dairy farmer, who loved to listen to the New York Yankee baseball games on the radio. Over the years, he and Jack had some interesting conversations about baseball and politics. From talking with other Higdon relatives, Jack found out that Grandpa Bill enjoyed singing and supposes that this is where he, too, gets his fondness for hearing folks sing.

The only knowledge that Jack has of Uncle Cass is a cedar tree marking the spot where he fell, when he died. Also, Jack comments that the names of the dogs are not known. This isn't an unusual comment; many hunters of the time were quite proud of their dogs.

(There’s one other photo in our gallery of Higdons that shows three other hunters with their dogs. See Raccoon Hunting in North Georgia.)

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