Higdon, Denton - Moments In His Life

Denton Higdon is one of the most photographed individuals, from birth to adulthood, of all the Higdons on our website. Because of his lifelong interest in our Higdon genealogy, Denton often sends Higdon-related materials for our newsletter and website .

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In 2008, Denton and Myra Higdon took a trip to Higdon, Alabama. You will enjoy that story as well as these images. 

In addition to traveling, Denton has sent the HFA with many details of his uncles: David Grayson Higdon, Lewis Lefferts “Dude” Higdon, and Paul Buchanan Higdon, as well as genealogical information for his grandfather, Thomas Bragg Higdon, and his great-grandfather, William Huffman Hidgon. In addition, Denton has sent us a clipping of a letter to Santa written by his father Sam, as a child, at Christmas in 1925.

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