Higdon, L. Frank - Fishin' & Travelin'

Big Marlin Caught by L. Frank HigdonL. Frank Higdon hosting Chattanooga  2002 HFA meeting

Frank Higdon of Texas holds the state record for King Mackerel, but his fishing skills don't stop there. Take a look at this whopping big Marlin. Frank was the leader man on this expedition. Fishing for catches of this size is dangerous which adds to the enjoyment when one is landed; this Marlin required a leader that was 18 feet long using 800 pound monofilament. Frank is on the far right in the picture.

Fishing is a passion for Frank, but he also enjoys family reunions. He came ashore back in 2002 to host the annual HFA meeting, which was held in Chattanooga that year. 

Babushka and Grampy

Babushka and Grampy

Photo courtesy of Nancy Higdon 

Barbara and Frank Higdon from Texas arrived at the 2006 HFA meeting by way of South Carolina. They had just finished a nice long visit with their newly adopted grandsons from Russia. Barbara didn't have to be asked twice to show pictures. She's instantly taken to being called "Baba." And "Grampy" was already talking about their next trip to South Carolina.

This picture was taken at Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia. 

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