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Close up image of sign at northeast corner of the Old Bardstown Municipal Cemetery, a.k.a. The Pioneer Cemetery:

In 1789, lots #111 and #112 at the corner of Fourth and Graves streets were set aside for a public graveyard. It is possible they had already been used for that purpose before this year. Concerned about pollution of water supplies, in 1819 the Trustees ruled that no one could be buried withing the town except on the “jail lot,” the above two lots. “All other burials had to be in the graveyard outside of town,” probably referring to the Presbyterian Cemetery on the northeast corner of the preemption. John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat, was buried here in 1798 and his remains removed in 1927 to be placed under the memorial on the court square. This cemetery was used until the 1850’s when land was purchased north of town for a new one.

Today, the Old Municipal Cemetery is located in the block bounded by South 4th Street, West John Fitch Avenue,  and Mulberry Alley. This block of land is directly behine the old County Jail building.

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