Excerpts from a recent email from Jane Brackett

Franklin NC map

Jane Brackett and her husband Tom live in the town of Blue Ridge in northern Georgia, about 90 miles southwest of Franklin, NC. While responding to an earlier email covering several items, Jane included the following information about the wildfires in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains: 

Thanks for posting the fire info.  I hadn't seen any details of the fire in NE Georgia (Rabun county) until I read the article [Relentless Smoke Spreads Fear at Edge of Southern Wildfires].  …Smoke has not been bad here this week.  Really depends on how the wind is blowing.  I heard last night about a couple of new fires in nearby Polk County, TN that were apparently intentionally set. Hard to believe someone would actually do that!!  Forecast is for rain MAYBE on Wednesday [Nov. 23].  Had a very light sprinkle this a.m., but still no rain in almost 2 months now. …


Note: While the most recent cold front moving completely across the country from west to east has now reached the east coast, everyone involved in the southeast mountain wildfires and smoke is hoping for a good long rain. The drought is now close to 70 days without any rainfall for large stretches of the southeast. Unfortunately, weather forecasters are saying that conditions are right for a long, dry winter. Let's hope they are wrong.

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