Headline: Wildfire Death Toll Rises to 7

Wildfire Death Toll Rises to 7

by JENNY JARVIE, Los Angeles Times

a short excerpt:” … Wildfires have been spreading for weeks in the Southeast, where severe drought persists. As many as 20 large fires are currently blazing across 142,000 acres, according to Adam Rondeau, a spokesman for the U.S. Forest Service, who described the unusually parched conditions as creating the “perfect storm” for wildfires. …”

Night view of ridge-top fire in Great Smoky Mts. National Park, Wednesday night, November 30, 2016. 

Is this an image direct from the camera with no photoshopping? Or, is this an image that had a medium red filter on the front of the camera lens? Either way, wildfires are often beautiful, and sometimes deadly. No wonder the devil, and hell, are most associated with fire, often so attractive, and sometimes so fatal.

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