Higdon House in Greensboro, GA

Jeff Hough, a new co-owner of the Higdon House, shared the following in the July 2002 HFA newsletter. He welcomes members to visit their website, and says,"We would certainly love to entertain members of the extended Higdon family." 

Higdon House Inn 2

The Higdon House in Greensboro, Georgia is located about 70 miles east of Atlanta along I-20. Jeff Hough is one of the co-owners who recently bought the house from Kay Higdon, who was running it as a bed and breakfast inn. The new owners have maintained the bed and breakfast, after rejuvenating the house, and have opened a restaurant and an art gallery there.

The Higdon family owned the house for 55 years. Ed Higdon, a lumberman, and his wife Mary bought the house in May 1946. They had five sons: Willie, Lonnie, Ronnie, Jim, and Lynn.

Jeff Hough bought the house in November 2001 from Lonnie's widow, Kay. Today, only Jim and Lynn are alive. There are still quite a number of Higdons who live in Greensboro.

The house is also a "movie star." It was used in one scene of the movie Coward of the County starring Kenny Rogers in 1981.

Please visit the web site www.higdonhouseinn.com for more information.

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