de Villiers/Pama System 1890

In this system, b2.c3 is the third child of the second child, and is one of the progenitor’s grandchildren.

The de Villiers/Pama system is the standard for genealogical works in South Africa. It was developed in the 19th century by Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers and used in his three volume Geslachtregister der Oude Kaapsche Familien (Genealogies of Old Cape Families). The system was refined by Dr. Cornelis (Cor) Pama, one of the founding members of the Genealogical Society of South Africa.

de Villiers-Pama System

The general description of the de Villiers/Pama System at the top of the page, and the sample generic chart on the left above is adapted from Wikipedia: Genealogical Numbering Systems. The sample Higdon chart on the right is adapted from the genealogical register report starting on page 263 of Descendants of John Higdon and Millicent 1657-1998, by Gena Lee Theiss.

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