NGSQ System 1903

The NGSQ System gets its name from the National Genealogical Society Quarterly published by the National Genealogical Society headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, which uses the method in its articles. It is sometimes called the "Record System" or the "Modified Register System" because it derives from the Register System. The most significant difference between the NGSQ and the Register Systems is in the method of numbering for children who are not carried forward into future generations: The NGSQ System assigns a number to every child, whether or not that child is known to have progeny (offspring), and the Register System does not. Other differences between the two systems are mostly stylistic.

NGSQ System

The general description of the NGSQ System at the top of the page, and the sample generic chart on the left above is adapted from  Wikipedia: Genealogical Numbering Systems. The sample Higdon chart on the right is adapted from the genealogical register report starting on page 263 of Descendants of John Higdon and Millicent 1657-1998, by Gena Lee Theiss.  

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