Three Extant Images of Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure, old and older


The first of the three images in our file  on Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure is an image from the genealogy book The Samuel Higdon Family. Samuel Higdon is the gent on the right of the image.


This is the initial photograph used on the Higdon Family Association Website of Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure sitting on a porch with a friend. Leonard has longer hair on his head, and a full beard. From the way his hair flairs around his neck, it appears he habitually wears a work hat of some type. His beard appears to have traces of gray hair in it. Both men have what appears to be work boots on, and both are wearing a jacket or suit coat, common in the Civil War and post-war era. Leonard’s chair is low, or Leonard has very long legs. Compared to his friend, Leonard has large hands with long fingers. Mary Ann is wearing her hair severely pulled-back. She appears to be wearing a dress, and over that she appears to be wearing a waist-high full apron. This image is in bad shape with a lot of post-processing artifacts present, such as progressive degeneration of detail due to multiple copying and resizing down-sampling. Facial details are minimal, but good enough to provide information in the photo-retouching of their faces in other photo images of them.

2018-11-13-0002 med hr

The next photo image, at left, according to long-time HFA members Carolyn & Randy Cole, is from an email with 2 images sent to me on 14 Nov 2018 The Coles write "We believe the other [image, at left] was taken circa 1905 or 1910.” Leonard Higdon was born in 1828, so he would be somewhere between 77 to 82 years old while Mary Ann would have been 70 to 75 years old at the time of the of the image capture. Leonard’s beard is all gray now. His eyes are just as piercing in their stare. As always he is wearing a top coat (similar to a suit coat without the suit's pants. Leonard wore this style of clothing from his days of service in the U.S. Civil War. For more biographical details click Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure.) Furthermore, Mary Ann still pulls her hair back tightly. In the photo images we have, she always wears a full floor-length dress and in this image a full half-apron. As you can easily see, this image has been damaged. If you look at Leonard’s coat, you will see large black blotches, similar to the blotches that appear on Mary Ann’s face. All these blotches probably come from poor early digital manipulation, or the image was not properly cleaned, or so on.

On the next page you will find the last of the three images in our files on Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure. The thorough repair & restoration of this next screen page image is also the focus of this 'heirlooms and memorabilia restoration website section'. This last of the three images in our files also shows Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure at their youngest, Leonard at about 47 to 53 years old and Mary Ann about 40 to 45 years old.

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