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Pax River Museum
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At left: Boeing X-32 on display  at right:  Lockheed Martin X-35C on display

At left Boeing X-32 on display   at right, Lockheed Martin Located in the center of the hotel-motel strip in Lexington Park, MD, right next to Gate 1 of the air field. 

The Naval Air Station: Paxtuent River was established about an hour’s drive south of Washington, D.C., right after WWII, because there was a large amount of rural land available not far from Washington, D.C. For a time, the base provided a modest amount of employment for southern Maryland. Then after the end of the Cold War, three other U.S. Navy Commands were moved from their existing bases to the Naval Air Station: Patuxent River as part of a consolidation effort by the Pentagon. Now, all research and planning for planes used by the U.S. Navy is conducted at one spot. This research covers everything from the shapes of the planes to the electronic devices the assist the pilots in flying the planes. (Think, for example, stealth coverings to avionics.) The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum is the only museum in the country devoted to Naval Aircraft Research efforts. Some 29 individual planes and helicopters are on display along with 2 buildings of further displays.

From their website:

The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum (PRNAM) is a member-supported, privately-funded museum preserving the history and heritage of Naval Aviation and associated technology.

Their mission is to “Preserve, Educate, Inspire” by presenting the continuing story of Naval Aviation with a focus on Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E) at Naval Air Station Patuxent River. Their Vision is to be a highly valued community resource providing both educational and tourism benefits to the Southern Maryland area for generations.

Located just outside Gate 1 of Naval Air Station Patuxent River, the PRNAM is operated by the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Association, Inc., a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable organization. First opened in 1978, the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum now spans three buildings and also includes a Flight Line consisting of one-of-a-kind aircraft and aircraft configurations unique to the Naval Test Center.

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