B. L. Higdon Memorial Stained Glass Window, St. Ignatius Church, Chapel Point, Port Tobacco, MD

B.L. Higdon-window

This is a photo image of the Higdon Memorial Window. While it is a good image of the window, the image is out of context. The surrounding walls are beige, and the luminosity of the colored glass changes with the cloudiness and/or the position of the sun during a day. Even though this photo image is a nice view of  the memorial window, the reality of seeing this window is that an in-person viewing reveals a window that is much more colorful, interesting, and inspiring. 

There are not a lot of memorial windows around because stained glass windows were, and still are, expensive. Sallie, with perhaps friends of the family, spent a good sum of money to order the creation and installation of this stained glass window. The honor they given to B.L. Higdon still exists today. We are lucky to be able to visit a Higdon Family heirloom that still exists 130 after it became part of St. Ignatius Church. Of course, it makes sense to visit the B. L. Higdon memorial window during a Higdon Family annual meeting focusing on John Higdon & Millicent because B. L. Higdon was their 3rd great grandson.

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