THE FIRST OF THREE?  Feasibility Study of Membership Drive for 2019, 2020, 2021


This is a part of the initial presentation to our current officers and other members who attended our HFA 2018 Annual Meeting in Gettysburg, Pa. The proposed new membership goal is 200+ paid memberships by 2022.

It helps to understand the following proposal by viewing the map below the text and scanning the green & yellow sections as well as reading the text in red.

Come Join Us for Something Different: 3 Annual Meetings

Devoted to the Genealogy of  Each of 

The 3 Colonial Higdons: Richard, Daniel, and John,

And the Times They Lived in Around Chesapeake Bay

For the past 43 years, our Higdon Family Association has held annual meetings all over the United States, wherever there were Higdons, or Higdon descendants, who signed on to host an annual meeting. Some of the places we visited were near where groups of Higdons lived. Some places were favorite cities that some Higdons loved to visit.

However, we have never gone back to the actual spots where we know that each of our 3 colonial forefathers physically walked on that spot during their lives in the Chesapeake Bay area in the 1635-1658 time period. 

The oldest of the earliest Higdons was Richard. The middle Higdon of the three was Daniel. The youngest of the earliest Higdons was John. We can’t prove it, but it is possible that all three were related in a generation or two further back. Given the around 22 year spread between their births, they may also have been near or distant cousins. If so, their parents probably were living in England and sailed to the colonies with their small babies, OR at their births, their parents may have been already living in the Chesapeake Bay area. 

So far we have connected just about all the living  people we have interacted with in Higdon genealogy research back to one of these 3 colonial Higdons. 

We know that Richard was born and lived in or near Montross, in today’s Westmoreland County, Virginia. Daniel was born and lived in or near Charles City, in Charles City County, Virginia. And we know that John Higdon was born and lived in or near St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s County, Maryland. 

Why not have 3 annual meetings in a row that visit the precise areas where we know that these 3 Higdons, forefathers to all of us Higdons, physically walked on that spot in the Chesapeake bay area. 

We can and should invite all Higdons, and Higdon descendants, to attend all three of these annual meetings, particularly the one focused on their oldest known ancestor from the 3 colonial Higdons. In addition to meeting at Montross, Virginia, Charles City, Virginia, and St. Mary’s City, Maryland, we should focus on presentations that highlight the known details of Richard’s, Daniel’s, and John’s lives, as well as life in general in the vicinity of Chesapeake Bay during their time period, 1630 to 1730.


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