Traveling to the HFA 2019 Annual Meeting at The Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center & Marina

Choosing Which Airport/Rental Car to Use OR Driving All The Way

Time & Distances Comparison

If you are flying, there are 4 airports within a 120 miles of The Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center & Marina. As you can see from the caparison above Reagan Airport is the closest  in miles, also in time to drive. Unfortunately Washington,D.C., has a morning & evening rush hour and traffic becomes difficult, particularly along the southeast section of I-495. Even worse, one never knows when a haz-mat truck will be involved in an accident. Nell and I spent 6 hours parked one day in a massive traffic jam caused by an accident involving a haz-mat truck turnover on a DC Interstate. All the above suggests you fly out as early as conveniently possible, expect to spend the whole day traveling by air and rental car, and hope you arrive well before our 6:00 PM ‘meet & greet’.

Driving from Airport to The Holiday Inn Solomons Conference Center & Marina

Obviously, the number of available flights per airport will vary. And finally, each of use has our own trade-offs as to what is more important when we travel: timing, convenience, frequent flyer miles, etc. Once you decide which airport to use, please click on the airport thumbnail below for a printable map with directions.


OR Driving All The Way

If you are driving all the way, Washington, D.C. has the highest number of tourists per year than any other tourist destination in the US. Consequently, there are many straight-through and ring-around Interstates converging on the city. This does make it easier for everyone to come visit the Federal Capital. is an easy to use trip planner that allows you to print out good maps for your trip.

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