Daniel Boone Room

e-Daniel Boone Room

The Old Talbott Tavern 

As you may or may not know, The Talbott Tavern has live entertainment in the bar every. Friday 5:00-1:00 am and Saturday night from 9:00pm-1:00am. During these times, music is extremely loud in rooms #4 #5 #6 at The Old Talbott Tavern. No music at the Talbott Inn.

Daniel Boone (1734 - 1820)

Daniel Boone was often a visitor to Bardstown. One visit documents Boone giving his deposition here at the Tavern in 1792. The land case involved his friend, Captain James Harrod. The Tavern was used because the courthouse was under construction. It has been written that Boone did as much as any man, if not more, to open the vast territory beyond the Appalachians to American settlement.

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