Higdon, William R. "Bill," 2000-2001 HFA President

2000-2001 HFA William R. Higdon

William R. “Bill” Higdon is the son of Mildred and William Reece Higdon. Bill's father was born in Higdon Store, Georgia and followed a career in mining and the oil business. Bill is married to Janice M. Higdon. After graduating from high school, Bill joined the U.S. Naval Air Force and served three years at Miramar Naval Air Station. After completing his military obligation, Bill studied engineering and completed his degree in business administration at San Jose State University.

Bill is a natural born entrepreneur, he started his first company in 1976. Over the years, Bill has built and successfully sold three companies to organizations like Eastman Kodak and Hewlett Packard. Bill is also an inventor; he holds five U.S. patents with more pending. He serves on the board of directors for several technology companies. 

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