Higdon Family Reunion Delightful Gathering, 1926

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Higdon Family Reunion Delightful Gathering

Approximately 150 members of the celebrated Higdon family of Macon County, together with a number of invited guests, met at the old Higdon homestead on Ellijay, September 14, for the 30th annual reunion of the family.

A table more than fifty feet in length was loaded to capacity with good things to eat. Rev. G. C. Steed, pastor of the Franklin Baptist church, asked the blessing. A light shower of rain came as the people began eating but this fact iid not deter John Thomas from enjoying the meal. “Uncle” Bragg Higdon claims not to have invited John and attributed his presence to a joint invitation from the good ladies of Ellijay. 

The table was placed on the spacious lawn of the old home, built 78 years ago by Captain Thomas Angel. His son, Byard Angel, was present and talked interestingly of the homes on the creek more than 70 years ago. Mr. Angel stated that the Higdon homestead and the present home of T. J. Gray were the only two houses on Ellijay that had glass windows.

In 1860 Major W. H. Higdon moved from Jackson County and purchased from Captain Angel 900 acres of land and the home where the dinner was served. Here Major and Mrs. Higdon reared a family of ten children, only three of whom are now living, namely: T. B. Higdon, Mrs. J. K. Bryson and Mrs. James Gribble. Every foot of the original 900 acres purchased by Major Higdon is still owned by his descendants.

J. K. Bryson, 82, was probably the oldest person present. Byard Angel, 77, and James Gribble, also 77 years of age, were probably the next in age. The youngest and best behaved member of the family was the 4-months-old boy of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ramsey. To get him out of the rain he was placed in a lunch basket and put under the table. The scenery as evidently much to his liking since he made no protest. 

All in all, the day was a delightful one and the guests of the occasion join in wishing the Higdon family many more reunions, health, prosperity and happiness.

Jack Moore, a descendant of William Huffman Higdon, found this newspaper clipping from the Feb. 24, 1927, issue of the Franklin Press, Franklin, NC.  Jack continues to send us items from his research on this Higdon line. We appreciate it.

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