2007 HFA Scholarship Winners


Congratulations Scholarship Winners!

Four deserving students will each receive a $1,000 scholarship from the Higdon Family Association. The winners for 2007 are:

Travis Babb

Travis Babb 07

Travis is attending Sacred Heart University in Connecticut; he was sponsored by HFA member Mina Higdon Floyd. Mina was President of the HFA in 1983.

Lisa Senn

Lisa Senn 07

Lisa is attending Cuesta Community College in California. Her sponsor was Carol Higdon Tyrrell. Carol's father Carl Higdon was President of the association in 1991.

Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood 07

Matthew Wood will be attending Western Carolina University in North Carolina. Eva Higdon Wood is his HFA sponsor. Eva has been a longtime member of the HFA and is currently one of our Two-year Directors.                                                               

Trevor Moureaux

Trevor Moureaux 07

Trevor Moureaux is attending Sierra Community College in California. His sponsor is also Carol Higdon Tyrrell. His aunt Gale Tyrrell was President of the HFA in 1996.  

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