Lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Lunch at PotBellys Sandwich Shop

By now it was almost 11:00 or so and we headed out for lunch. There is a Potbelly sandwich shop near-by for lunch. It was a beautiful day, so we ate outside. 

At right, Janice M Higdon and Kathie Gallant, with Nell and Frank Mayfield at the back table.

Frank wanted to go to Potbelly when he saw the familiar PotBelly logo across the northeast intersection by the Archive Building. It turned out that everyone else decided as well to join him and Nell. (It was close, and Frank stated that Potbelly sandwiches were ‘very good.’)

Frank is the only member of PotBelly’s ‘2,000 Sandwich Club,’ making him Potbelly’s most loyal individual customer (in the universe). As of December 31, 2017, he and the Potbelly’s staff in Wheeling, IL, (3 minutes by car from his house in Buffalo Grove, IL) have documented that he has eaten over 2,000 sandwiches in 10 years, mostly double-meat turkey on a flatbread. He typically eats lunch at Potbelly every day of the week, and often on Saturdays, minus those times he has had to babysit his grandchildren, or deal with time off for shoulder joint replacement and other such items. 

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