Ammons, Sallie (b.1867) - daughter of Martha Jane Higdon Ammons

Ammons, Sallie - daughter of Martha Jan Higdon Ammons

Sallie Ammons (b.1867), daughter of Martha Jane Higdon Ammons:  The photograph at left (from the November 1987 HFA Newsletter) was made about 1943 or 1944 in Oregon. It was submitted to the newsletter by Sallie Fisher of Washington. 

From left, front row: Martha Houston Sherman (born August 26, 1906 in Crook County, OR), Sallie Ammons Houston (born July 17, 1867 in Macon County, NC), Iris Houston Minifie (born April 23, 1910 in Crook County, OR)
back row: Lem Houston (born October 28, 1903 in Crook County, OR), Tom Houston (born in NC), Lila Houston Keith (born February 25, 1902), and Fred Houston (born August 8, 1900 in Crook County, OR) 

In 1895, newlyweds Sallie Ammons and John Thomas “Tom" Houston were on their way to Oregon to setup their home. Tom and Sallie were married March 7, 1895 in Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina. A portion of Sallie Houston's diary detailing their stopover at Chattanooga on the way to Oregon in 1895 is contained in the Documents Collection.  

An update in 2002:

Their youngest daughter Iris Houston, who married John D. Minifie, is now 92 years old. According to her niece Sallie Fisher, Iris lives in a care center and "relishes mail, and she loves to hear from and about family." If you have time to send a card or note to Iris, please contact Sallie Fisher for her address. You’ll find Sallie's address in your HFA Membership Directory. Sallie tells us that Iris reads and rereads every card. Iris will be 93 in April.

Iris is from the Higdon/Hoffman family line, whose many descendants have lived into their 90s. Jo Ann Smith has written a nice summary of longevity in the Hidgon/Hoffman family entitled How Long Will You Live?

Sallie Fisher tells us that Iris Minifie’s decent from the Higdon line is:

  • Leonard Higdon/Eva Hoffman
  • William Huffman Higdon/Jane Buchanan
  • Martha Jane Higdon/John R. Ammons
  • Sallie A. Ammons/John Thomas Houston
  • Iris Nellie Houston/John D. Minifie

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