Higdon, Glen - On The Road

Glen Higdon near Higdon's Store, Georgia

Glen Higdon has traveled to many places associated with Higdons. At left, Glen stands at the signpost for Old Higdon Rd. which was captured at Higdon Store, Georgia. Glen says, "Higdon Store was up this road and behind me." This area of Fannin County is part of today's Blue Ridge, Georgia. Follow the link to Higdons Store, Georgia for a little more history of this place.  

Glen Higdon at Higdon, Alabama post office copy

Glen shared this picture of the post office in Higdon, Alabama. Some of you may recall that Thomas Walker Higdon was the first postmaster for Higdon, Alabama

Denton Higdon, another HFA member and his wife Myra went to Higdon, Alabama on June 30, 2008; he has provided more images to view from Higdon, Alabama.

Glen also sent several photographs that he believes were taken in 1947 at the Mountain View Cemetery near Mobile, Georgia.

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