1910 Reunion

1910 Reunion

Image from Jessie Mildred Higdon Wilkie book: Descendants of Joseph Huffman Higdon and Margaret Matilda Berry Higdon.

From left, front row, children:

Robert Joseph McKinley Fulton, Myrtle Cynthia Fulton, Mary Irene Higdon, Margaret Blanche Higdon, Marguerite Caroline Fulton, Mary Matilda Fulton, Martha Ellen Higdon, B.C.Wilson, Lescar Higdon, _____________, Beulah Jollay, Furman Corbin, Fred Corbin

Second row:

Matilda Harriett Berry Higdon, (Baby), Margaret Higdon Bryson, Thomas Bragg Higdon I, Lena Annie Coggins Higdon, Clementine Elender Higdon, Lydia Jane Moore Higdon, Samuel A. Higdon, Jimmie Shook, James Kennedy Bryson, Willie Jollay, William Washington Higdon, Joshua A. Higdon, James Gribble, William Logan Higdon

Third row:

Wilburn Shook, (Baby), Eleanor Louvian Bryson Shook, Ida Elmira Bryson, Eva E. Higdon Corbin, Meta Ammones, Mamie Higdon, Maude Higdon, Roberta Harriett Bryson, Ethel Higdon, Angie Higdon, Bertha M. Higdon, Jane Mashburn, Margaret Eloise Higdon, Pearl Margaret Higdon, Maggie Adaline Bryson Jollay, Noah Jollay, Baby Lyman Jollay

Fourth row:

William Roland Higdon, Leonard Abraham Higdon, Will Berry, James Leonard Higdon, Will Holbrook, Eve Angeline Higdon Holbrook, Columbus Govan Wilson, Americus Alexander Higdon, Mattie Elmira Franks Higdon, Eva Catherine Higdon Keener, Lillie Jane Higdon Crawford, Edgar Higdon, Laura Jane Higdon Fulton, _____________, Jane Mathis Higdon, John Jaspar Corbin, (Baby), Leonard Huffman Higdon, Jeter Conley Higdon, Joseph Harry Higdon

Back row:

Charles Foster Higdon (on Roof), Joseph Parker Higdon, Frederick Huffman Higdon, Vinnie Lee Higdon Wilson, Major Higdon, Caswell J. Higdon, Alexander William Higdon

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