116th Reunion of Major William Huffman Higdon's Descendants, 2011


116th Higdon Reunion will be held on Sept.11th in the fellowship hall of Higdonville Baptist Church. After the church services a covered dish lunch will be served between 12:30 and 1:00. All friends and family are encouraged to come. A family meeting will follow. For more info call: (828) 524-5571, or cell: (828) 342-1187, or email: Travis B. Higdon

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The first three photos are historical, two from printed books; the last three color photos are courtesy of Denton Higdon.

The 116th Maj. William Huffman "Hoffman" Higdon Reunion of Sept. 11, 2011 has come and gone.

The crowds are getting smaller every year. We are on the average losing ten people a year in attendant “absentees." As my daddy would say, "They wasn't enough there to cuss a cat!" This year we had approximately 29 people sign the registry about half were from out of town.

During the family business meeting Denton Higdon brought up for discussion the poor attendance at this years reunion. The idea of ending the 116 year old gathering was suggested upon which most agreed too. It was also suggested we try one more year by boosting mailing list and media coverage.

So, in short, next year’s Reunion doesn’t look promising at all.

[Currently, there have been no further Maj. William Huffman Hoffman Higdon Annual Family Reunions since this 2011 gathering.]

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